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61 Felony Blues - Jaime Wyatt
62 Flying Microtonal Banana - King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
63 Road Less Traveled - Lauren Alaina
64 The Death of Pablo - The Pablo Collective
65 HNDRXX - Future
66 How to Flex & Troll a Scene - Dat Adam

After on their smash debut album "Hydra 3D" German cyber hippie leading figures DatAdam let out all their anger at this world in gripping tracks like "Sanageyama" and celebrated their modern scifi influenced flower-power attitude on "Ghidora/Legobricks", and actually managed to turn a generation of young teenagers into aware and caring rebels that use their minds and hearts instead of following each new trend, and actually feel the music, listen to the lyrics and appreciate the overall experience,... they decided to release a 20 minute long EP attacking the German hip hop scene. Thinking most modern German rap is out dated and complaining that even though they adore this genre there are only a handful of good MCs (I don't share their point of view), they go on full rage mode while still remaining funny and light hearted on the 7 tracks (including a 1 minute instrumental intro by producer Marley) that sound anything like regular hip hop, and has way more ...more - Martin_Canine

67 Coming Home - Falling in Reverse

Simply put, who enjoyed their previous output will also enjoy this album. Especially their first and third album, the second one was weird nonsense. Falling in Reverse ranks among the better emo bands of the 21st century, as they have all the catchiness and power it takes to get the best out of their genre, and have both humor and misery to share with us, which works extremely well, so they come off as neither totally pessimistic nor fully carefree. But you have to have a positive attitude towards the emo subculture to like their music, and if you have, there is little reason why you wouldn't enjoy this (except of course, if you take a look in the booklet of the CD, which instead of the usual thank yous of the band members included f-yous, addressing so many people it's likely you are on their list as well).
And "Coming Home" offers all the qualities of their first and third record without any slips, but however sounds more melodic and less pop-ish.

4 out of 5. - Martin_Canine

68 The Invocation - Sinners are Winners The Invocation - Sinners are Winners

Blood on the Dance Floor was hated but please give Dahvie Vanity's solo music a chance, this can't be compared musically Sinners are Winners is a hard industrial music project that is atmospheric, catchy, wild and aggressive, and definitely is the result of all the hatred aimed at him (I can't tell if justified or not, but this shouldn't be important when reviewing an album) which makes all the anger on the record feel real, but since Dahvie is a showman it is covered in extravaganza and gothic aesthetics and yeah, gimmicks. But I think this is highly enjoyable as an album and does a good job as entertaining with all its dark techno-rock soundscapes, screams and Marilyn Manson-esque vocals, plus whoever produced this deserves more attention. And actually, that's all I'm asking for, that I can enjoy how it sounds.

4/5 stars. - Martin_Canine

69 Humanz - Gorillaz

Just got released- amazing album - CluelessSKB

70 Para Quienes Aún Viven - Exquirla
71 Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Kyiv - Various Artists
72 Grateful - DJ Khaled
73 Epic - Fler & Jalil
74 M A N I A - Fall Out Boy

It's been delayed. Now the release date is January 19, 2018. It's a shame, but I rather wait a couple more months and get good songs than have them releasing it next month but have all the songs be horrible. - Kokopawley

This album isn't even out yet! - railfan99

This isn't 2017 - Th3Zm0nst3r

75 Something to Tell You - HAIM
76 Flower Boy - Tyler, the Creator
77 Terrible Human Beings - The Orwells
78 Spirit - Depeche Mode Spirit
79 Last Young Renegade - All Time Low

It's not their best album by any means, but it beats everything else released this year. - JesseStump

80 50 Song Memoir - The Magnetic Fields

This is a great album should be higher! - Jiorl

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