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61 Big Fish Theory - Vince Staples
62 Tru. - Cro Tru. - Cro
63 Origins (2011–2016) - Uppermost
64 Process - Sampha
65 Who Told You to Think??!!?!?!?! - Milo
66 Lust for Life - Lana Del Rey
67 Woodstock - Portugal. the Man
68 No Way Out 2 - Sean Combs
69 You're Not as _____ as You Think - Sorority Noise

All around a great album. If you're a fan of Brand New, you'll like this album. A great display of raw emotion from Cam (lead singer). - Kythol

70 Reflection - Brian Eno
71 Only the Lonely - Colony House

Most Under-rated band of this time. - Neeoo

72 Coming Home - Falling in Reverse

Simply put, who enjoyed their previous output will also enjoy this album. Especially their first and third album, the second one was weird nonsense. Falling in Reverse ranks among the better emo bands of the 21st century, as they have all the catchiness and power it takes to get the best out of their genre, and have both humor and misery to share with us, which works extremely well, so they come off as neither totally pessimistic nor fully carefree. But you have to have a positive attitude towards the emo subculture to like their music, and if you have, there is little reason why you wouldn't enjoy this (except of course, if you take a look in the booklet of the CD, which instead of the usual thank yous of the band members included f-yous, addressing so many people it's likely you are on their list as well).
And "Coming Home" offers all the qualities of their first and third record without any slips, but however sounds more melodic and less pop-ish.

4 out of 5. - Martin_Canine

73 Emperor of Sand - Mastodon
74 Felony Blues - Jaime Wyatt
75 CTRL - Sza
76 Grateful - DJ Khaled
77 Luv is Rage 2 - Lil Uzi Vert

Good for Uzi standards. 444+222/10 - AlphaQ

78 Meaning of Life - Kelly Clarkson
79 Sturmfahrt - Eisbrecher
80 Digital Distortion - Iggy Azalea

This Will Suck Unless Iggy Shows Talent - VideoGamefan5

There's a ZEDD collab on here. If Iggy ruins ZEDD for me... - ProPanda

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