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101 How Did We Get So Dark? - Royal Blood
102 A Deeper Understanding - The War on Drugs

This needs to have more votes.. - ActOfGenesis

103 Lang Lebe Der Tod - Casper

It’s impossible to classify Casper, over the years people have used such different genres as hip hop, emo and indie to describe him, but none of them is remotely fitting. In fact, Casper exists beyond genres, on his new album he cooperates with legendary avantgarde artists, German and American rappers and indie bands. The sound? Apocalyptic. Stomping distorted industrial beats, drowsy feedback effects, Rammstein-esque deep and dark singing. Casper is one of the most acclaimed German musicians of his time with one of the most diverse fanbases of all time - on a concert you’ll find hip hop heads, punkers, sophisticated art lovers, hipsters, rockers, and your average radio listener which would never understand the subtle genius of his music. His 2011 album “XOXO” is already an instant classic that drew wide attention, 2013’s “Hinterland” was a melancholic critic’s darling and now 2017 has “Lang lebe der Tod”, which describes an insane and terrified Europe facing ...more - Martin_Canine

104 Under Stars - Amy Macdonald
105 CY-Beast lvl1 - TJ_beastboy & Mary Man

TJ_beastboy & Mary Man is a side project of two thirds of DatAdam, rapper/vocalist Taddl and producer/instrumentalist Marley. The project was the result of the two fooling around in the studio but then spontaneously decided it was good enough to release it as an album. The release was very sudden and only announced shortly before. Unlike DatAdam’s music, which has an experimental electronica sound combined with elements of cloud rap, the music on “CY-Beast lvl1” is more oldschool and rap rock oriented. It still contains some of their typical electronic elements though.
While DatAdam often explore deeper and sociocritical topics and very personal thoughts in their lyrics, this album is mostly brag rap, but with very creative and often nerdy punchlines and comparisons, and Taddl showcases wild and furious dynamics and a hand for musicality with his vocals, while Marley drops some of his most hard hitting beats, being more straightforward and without the avantgarde tone of ...more - Martin_Canine

106 Ergo~@~ - Hendo

#1 best ep best ep

107 The Sin and the Sentence - Trivium
108 No Plan - David Bowie
109 Terrible Human Beings - The Orwells
110 Cruel Winter - Kanye West
111 Queen Elizabitch - Cupcakke
112 Digital Druglord - Blackbear
113 Slowdive - Slowdive
114 Hopeless Fountain Kingdom - Halsey

1, not 155. Oh, I get it. they accidentally added a 55 after the 1 for 55/10. I love Halsey so much! - lovefrombadlands

115 Heaven Upside Down - Marilyn Manson
116 Big Fish Theory - Vince Staples
117 Wolves - Rise Against
118 Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 - Calvin Harris

This album is Calvin Harris best by a long way, there are some great songs like "Slide", "Feels" and "Heatstroke" which all play toward the 80s funk style. It's really quite compelling listen. Calvin Harris has been the biggest surprise of 2017 with his change from generic EDM to creating actual quality music. - crowdiegal

119 For Organ and Brass - Ellen Arkbro
120 The Search for Everything - John Mayer
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