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1 Hexed - Children of Bodom

Great album. List - Best Songs On Children of Bodom's Hexed - Metal_Treasure

Not out yet, But I’m sure It will be great! In fact It’s coming out tommorrow. - MegadethFan07

2 Distance Over Time - Dream Theater

A true return to form following the mixed bag that was The Astonishing, Distance Over Time is a masterpiece of an album. - CaptDeadeye

I want to listen to Dream Theater soon. - DarkBoi-X

UNBELIEVEBLE! I AM SHOCKED... I really wasn't expected an album too...powerful, meaty, tight, energic, inspired, enjoyable, balanced. Their come back!

3 Moonglow - Avantasia

If interested, go to the list Best Songs On Avantasia's Moonglow - Metal_Treasure

4 Thank U, Next - Ariana Grande

I find it to be much superior to "sweetener", next to "Dangerous Woman" it's her best work. Maybe my 2 star rating on "sweetener" was too harsh - 3 stars would have been fine as it was not dramatically bad but lacking the exciting musical enjoyment of her past records. Now "thank u next" has both the maturity of her previous album plus the poppiness of her 2016 work combined, making it insanely catchy but intelligent on top. - Martin_Canine

This album was kind of disappointing, it seems like she just threw this together at the last minute. Not to mention that this album contains the songs 7 Rings and Break Up With Your Girlfriend I'm bored. - DaWyteNight

This is her best album and, overall, the best album of 2019... so far!

My favorite album this year (so far).

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5 Empath - Devin Townsend
6 Malibu Ken - Aesop Rock, Malibu Ken, and Tobacco

To the horrible production, the creepy robot vocals, and Aesop's Rocks great big vocabulary and the fact that not much of what he says in this album even matters. It's really a disaster. 2/10 - MemeTheKeem

7 Grey Area - Little Simz

This album is 35 minutes of wonderful bars, beats and melody. Hip hop at it's finest. - crowdiegal

8 The Wings of War - Overkill

So far I feel like it's the strongest metal album this year, in terms of consistency and content. A good 50 minutes or so of thrash is all I need to be happy, really. Welcome to the Garden State is definitely a highlight, and overall I can't not enjoy this album. Overkill is still going strong. - TheRock222

9 When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? - Billie Eilish

This caught me off guard. actually a pretty good album - winterbreeze

Wow, supriselingly good

10 Igor - Tyler, the Creator

Amazing album - winterbreeze

Top 10 needed, now. - Not_A_Weeaboo

The Newcomers

? Rammstein - Rammstein
? A Quiet Farwell, Twenty Sixteen to Twenty Eighteen - Slauson Malone

The Contenders

11 Lightning Language - K-Rino

Rino still dropping better music in 2019 than most new gen rappers

12 Flesh & Blood - Whitesnake
13 Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery - The Comet is Coming
14 Titanic Rising - Weyes Blood

Number 1 2019 Album on RateYourMusic!

15 Girl with Basket of Fruit - Xiu Xiu

The trout mask replica of our century? - djpenquin999

Virtually unlistenable. No redeeming value whatsoever. It's just... pretentious. - Martin_Canine

16 Head Above Water - Avril Lavigne

This is a good one. - galaxyfox

17 1up - T-Pain 1up - T-Pain

Definitely a huge step up from Oblivion, but I still think he could've done even better. This album definitely has the fat beats and catchy melodies that were lacking on Oblivion, but it lacks the diversity of his first two albums and I don't really see this being remembered in years from now except for a couple of songs.

Best songs: U UP, Goat Talk, Here It Comes, Keep This From Me, RIP to the Parking Lot, It's My Dog Birthday
Worst songs: Be Your X, A Million Times, All I Want

This gets a 7/10 for now, but that might change. - DaWyteNight

18 Psychogeology - Gemma Ray

We're still expecting albums from Lana Del Rey, Rammstein, Bonnie Tyler, Shindy, Dido, Lena Meyer-Landrut, Rihanna, and more. Adele and Madonna also hinted at new music. Weezer already released two records - Future, Chaka Khan, Hozier, Avril Lavigne and Solange put out one each as I write this.

...but they will have a hard time competing with this album by a rather obscure artist. This is... eye wettingly beautiful. - Martin_Canine

19 Amo - Bring Me the Horizon
20 Free Spirit - Khalid
21 Revelations of Oblivion - Possessed
22 Norman F****** Rockwell - Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey really likes swearing doesn't she? - Userguy44

23 A Place We Knew - Dean Lewis
24 Morbid Stuff - Pup
25 Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? - Deerhunter

The edge is strong with this title - DarkBoi-X

26 American Football - American Football
27 Death Race for Love - Juice WRLD
28 Then and Now - K-Rino
29 While We Wait - Kehlani
30 Sucker Punch - Sigrid

Yeah this album is pop having fun and it's wonderful. - crowdiegal

31 What is This? - Swans
32 Guns - Quelle Chris
33 Harverd Dropout - Lil Pump

This is garbage, and Lil Pump is just the Soulja Boy of our generation. - DaWyteNight

No! Worst! - LightningStrike

34 Treat Myself - Meghan Trainor

No - LightningStrike


35 Resist - Within Temptation
36 Three Weeks Later (The 4-piece #3) - K-Rino
37 Father of the Bride - Vampire Weekend

Looking to already being an amazing album - winterbreeze

38 Sea of Worry - Have a Nice Life
39 The Black Album - Weezer

Just came out today. I was listening to this this morning, and I was pleased. I really like "High As A Kite" and "Can't Knock The Hustle". - galaxyfox

How is Ariana Grande's album higher? That album was a piece of garbage. This isn't. - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

I listened to the whole album, and I loved it!

I have a feeling, this will be the GOAT album of 2019.

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40 The End of Chaos - Flotsam and Jetsam
41 Encore - The Specials

Ska is back. - winterbreeze

42 Future HNDRXX Presents: The Wizrd - Future
43 The S-Project (The 4-piece #4) - K-Rino
44 Walk Through Fire - Yola
45 The Teal Album - Weezer

These are karaoke covers - winterbreeze

46 Bitchlifecrisis - The Tchik
47 Girl - Maren Morris
48 The Verdict - Queensrÿche
49 Ya Hero Ya Mero - Mero
50 Colucci - Fler
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1. Grey Area - Little Simz
2. Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery - The Comet is Coming
3. Empath - Devin Townsend
1. When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? - Billie Eilish
2. Psychogeology - Gemma Ray
3. Death Race for Love - Juice WRLD
1. Free Spirit - Khalid
2. A Place We Knew - Dean Lewis
3. When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? - Billie Eilish

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