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1 Fetch the Bolt Cutters - Fiona Apple Fetch the Bolt Cutters - Fiona Apple Product Image

This is a must-listen, guys!

most new critical darlings r super overhyped but this is a big exception

2 Obsidian - Paradise Lost Obsidian - Paradise Lost Product Image

This band is like the Tom Brady of British heavy metal: reaching new levels of greatness when they should be well past their prime. The riffs and hooks are catchy, the atmosphere is ominous, and the soloing is fantastic. Plus, doom metal has become all the more listenable during this turd of a year that 2020 has been.

3 Folklore - Taylor Swift Folklore - Taylor Swift Product Image

This album outdid every other album in 2020 as a matter of fact. It’s different from all the garbage “music” playing nowadays with all the trap, poor tunes & dirty lyrics. It was created out of her dreams. Yet quarantine from COVID-19 got her into making this album. Plus it's themed to Indie (folk) pop hence the name Folkore. Yet the music is perhaps the calmest she's ever done & the closest we've ever come to having the old Taylor come back. Plus her songs there are played in a variety; some are upbeat, others are slow & one of them (like Mad Woman) is like 2 ranges overlapped. Yet it became the 1st album by any artist in history to debut #1 on both the Billboard Hot 100 & 200 in the same week. Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa, Dedicated by Carly Rae Jepsen & Chromatica by Lady Gaga are all great, but Folklore stepped up the game over every other album this year in all matters. She's still the real deal of original & creative artists making history in music with undeniable talent. ...more

4 What's Your Pleasure? - Jessie Ware What's Your Pleasure? - Jessie Ware Product Image

Fun fact: I run a album review blog and this was the first 10/10 that I had ever reviewed.

5 Punisher - Phoebe Bridgers Punisher - Phoebe Bridgers Product Image
6 Womb - Purity Ring Womb - Purity Ring Product Image

This album is... a trip...

7 I Disagree - Poppy I Disagree - Poppy Product Image

We're living in an age where poppy is heavier than bring me the horizons, and I'm loving it

Every song is awesome. Anything Like Me is probably one of the best.

She's heavy metal now

8 Circles - Mac Miller Circles - Mac Miller Product Image

I finally got around to this one after so long, just because I wanted to give the rest of Mac's discography a try first. And I'm so glad I did, because he's super talented! I can't pretend to have knew much about him before his passing in 2018, but either way I really miss him :(
That said, I feel like this album is pretty overrated. It feels very un-cohesive and doesn't put me into a trance the same way his earlier projects do. Now, for the standards of a posthumous release, this is incredible and VERY faithful to Mac's source material, but on its own... it's certainly good. Just not, great.
Though, credit where it's due, this album almost made me burst into tears, which is certainly worth a lot :'(

Now, this is a proper posthumous album, unlike XXX's album, this album is properly finished and published in a way that doesn't exploit the artist. It's also filled with finished and organised songs.

Rest in peace, man. Really left with a bang. So did you, Juice, but I can't fit Legends Never Die in my voting list.

9 Starmaker - Honey Harper Starmaker - Honey Harper Product Image
10 Love Over Fear - Pendragon Love Over Fear - Pendragon Product Image

This album is quite simply superb. Melodic progressive rock at its very best. The guitar work is sublime, the interplay with the keyboards a delight and the bass and drums solid and expressive. Lyrically and vocally outstanding. I can’t think of a progressive rock album of this quality since IQs Road of Bones.

Wonderful album from a consistently great band. Diverse range of tracks across this album. Starfish and the Moon is my standout track. Amazing artwork too.

Such an emotional and beautiful album, the guitar work is out of this world, one of the best albums ever recorded.

Fantastic album and art, a voyage across melodic and melancholic guitar solo

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? Positions - Ariana Grande Positions - Ariana Grande Product Image
? How It Used to Feel - Phoebe Ryan How It Used to Feel - Phoebe Ryan Product Image
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11 After Hours - The Weeknd After Hours - The Weeknd Product Image

Very unique album, I love how he stays in his own lane normally an artist will follow a current trend and not bring anything new to the table. Production wise this album is very high quality with a variety of genres to enjoy give this album a listen.

I'd never heard of the Weekend until a few days ago, when I heard one of his new songs. It was amazing! I'll definitely listen to more his music!

Definitely one of the best concept albums. Abel takes us on a journey through his addictions and personal struggles.

Probably the best Weeknd album since Trilogy. And that's saying a lot.

12 Saint Cloud - Waxahatchee Saint Cloud - Waxahatchee Product Image
13 Chromatica - Lady Gaga Chromatica - Lady Gaga Product Image

Such an immersive experience, it truly puts you in a particular state of mind and explores themes such as obsessive thoughts, lack of self-worth and regret
The first act is a great introduction to the general ideas and sound
The second ones probably has the saddest songs on the album (ironically they are the most upbeat ones)
The third one has got slower songs (besides Babylon) that show us the brighter side of things. How trough fate (religious or just fate in our abilities), trust and humility we can defeat our obsessive thoughts and insicurities.
Amazing work of art, and for those complaining for the fact that it's nothing truly new or experimental, why weren't you praising ARTPOP during its era?
Chromatica is a solid album that brings back old sounds and reinvents them.

I was SO pleasantly surprised by this! I'm not a hardcore Gaga fan, and have never really cared much for her in the past, but I saw countless advertisements for this on Spotify, and the concepts behind the album intrigued me a lot. So I figured I'd give this a listen, and I'm extremely glad I did :D

On it's own, it's a collection of anthemic but very repetitive Dance Pop songs. However, once you start to unpack the abstract and existential meanings of the lyrics, and the included storylines and music videos, it becomes an album that transcends pop. She clearly intended this as more than a regular auditory experience, and made SUCH good use of the visual and cognitive elements on Spotify. I really do hope this inspires more artists to do similar things!

Knowing how dominated this site is by Metal Fans, I doubt anybody here is going to love Chromatica, but to anybody who gives this a chance, please don't just immediately brush this off as a generic pop album by an artist ...more

Honestly this is my second least-favorite Gaga record. (Right in front of by the way.) And I still liked it enough to vote it on here. Neat.

Excellent as a dance record. Each track is danceable, upbeat, and kind of brings back old 2008 Gaga vibes, yet also having a very 90s house sound in certain parts, especially on Babylon (“babble on”). Ariana Grande’s “Rain On Me” feature wasn’t that bad honestly (I cannot take a steady diet of Ariana grande, but apparently all the CHR radio stations of today can) and having an Elton John feature was a nice surprise. I hope it does commercially better than “Joanne” or “The Star Is Born: The Official Soundtrack Album”. She can pick any song off this release she wants as the third radio single from this album

14 Petals for Armor - Hayley Williams Petals for Armor - Hayley Williams Product Image

We really get to see some of Hayley's more abstract, experimental side in this album, and I'm all for it. The first segment of the album is near-perfect. The other two segments are very solid too. Cinnamon is within my top ten singles of 2020.

Incredibly underrated, this debut album from Paramore's very own Hayley Williams is one that is not to be forgotten.

I still have yet to listen to all of the songs on this album. So far, the album is pretty good.

15 Eupnea - Pure Reason Revolution Eupnea - Pure Reason Revolution Product Image
16 Future Nostalgia - Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia - Dua Lipa Product Image

Now this is what you call growth, she really gave her all with this era from disco, funk, synth and dance. I did like a few of the songs from her first album but at the same time it sounded like every other average pop song at the time doesn’t mean they were bad it just didn’t set her apart as an artist, but this time around she’s completely revamped everything to the point where she stands out from the rest you can really tell she worked so hard on this era it paid off.

Levitating, Hallucinate, and Physical are my favorite songs from this album.

17 Inlet - Hum Inlet - Hum Product Image
18 I Let It in and It Took Everything - Loathe I Let It in and It Took Everything - Loathe Product Image
19 Unlocked - Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats Unlocked - Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats Product Image

Dude this album is crazy. It's full of energy and is so fun to listen to. I liked Kenny Beat's other project with Rico Nasty called Anger Issues but this project is even better sonically and lyrically.

20 The Slow Rush - Tame Impala The Slow Rush - Tame Impala Product Image

Tame Impala was always good but this album is great.

21 Once Upon a Time - Cryptex Once Upon a Time - Cryptex Product Image

This is a must - Listen! Great Work

Best Album ever from this band

A masterpiece !

22 Rise Radiant - Caligula's Horse Rise Radiant - Caligula's Horse Product Image
23 Where Does the Devil Hide - Zella Day Where Does the Devil Hide - Zella Day Product Image
24 Virus - Haken Virus - Haken Product Image
25 Ohms - Deftones Ohms - Deftones Product Image

get this masterpiece in top ten

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