Top Ten Albums that are Considered Underrated Because They are Between 2 More Famous Albums

The Top Ten

1 Fireball - Deep Purple

One of my absolute favorite songs on this album is The Mule - a very underrated song with one of the most amazing complex drum beats I've ever heard, esp. in the context of 1971. - Metal_Treasure

2 Killers - Iron Maiden
3 Salisbury - Uriah Heep
4 Somewhere in Tme - Iron Maiden

Powerslave and The Number of the Beast are the opposite cases (overrated between two less popular and better albums) - Alkadikce

5 The Return - Bathory
6 So Far, So Good...So What! - Megadeth
7 Vol 4 - Black Sabbath
8 Spiritual Healing - Death
9 You Can't Stop Rock & Roll - Twisted Sister
10 Obscured by Clouds - Pink Floyd

The Contenders

11 Leave Home - Ramones
12 One Hot Minute - Red Hot Chili Peppers
13 A Night at the Opera - Queen
14 Led Zeppelin III - Led Zeppelin

Positioned between II and IV. Of course, the fact that most of the music is acoustic also separates it from the others. I don't know if it's underrated in general terms, but I think it's definitely underrated compared to its neighbors. - Gg2000

15 Caress of Steel - Rush

Between Fly By Night and 2112. It's an important album because it's part of their transition to prog-oriented music. - Gg2000

16 Give 'em Enough Rope - The Clash

Between their self-titled debut album and London Calling. It's not quite as solid as those two, but it's still got some great material on it. - Gg2000

17 October - U2

Preceded and followed by Boy and War (neither are considered their best work, but they achieved more success and better reviews than October). Part of the reason that it was weaker than the others is that it was recorded too quickly (Bono had to rewrite the lyrics after a briefcase full of song ideas was stolen from them while they were on tour). Still a good album, though. - Gg2000

18 State of Euphoria - Anthrax

In between Among the Living and Persistence of Time. Very good album though - DoroExploro13

19 Warning - Green Day
20 Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight - Travis Scott

This is in between Rodeo and Astroworld - yaygiants16

21 South of Heaven - Slayer

Sandwiched between Reign in Blood and Seasons in the Abyss. - Alkadikce

22 Animals - Pink Floyd

People say it's criminally underrated. It's not, but it indeed sits between some of the most massively popular albums of all time : Wish You Were Here and The Wall. - JoLeKosovo

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