Top 10 Albums that Aren't as Overrated as Some People Think

The Top Ten Albums that Aren't as Overrated as Some People Think

The Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd

This album deserves all the praise it gets - christangrant

Abbey Road - The Beatles

The best thing to come from pop music/rock music. Don't listen to people who tell you it's too slow, or a mess. Despite what people will tell you, it's far more consistent in quality and production than Sgt. Pepper.

Hardwired... to Self-Destruct - Metallica
Rust In Peace - Megadeth
Dystopia - Megadeth

Some People actually think that this is more overrated than pop albums of the same year - christangrant

Because this is worse than 98% of pop albums that released this year. - WonkeyDude98

This is kind of overrated, to be honest. - SwagFlicks

Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? - Megadeth
Ride the Lightning - Metallica
Symbolic - Death
Powerslave - Iron Maiden
Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath

The Contenders

Ten - Pearl Jam
Reign In Blood - Slayer
1989 - Taylor Swift

Haven't heard it, but it sounds like a solid pop album. - djpenquin999

Sremmlife 2 - Rae Sremmurd
The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses

I think you and I are the only ones that know this Jack. - djpenquin999

Bangerz - Miley Cyrus
Lulu - Metallica and Lou Reed

This album sucks in every way. - Userguy44

My World 2.0 - Justin Bieber
Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - Nicki Minaj
Take Me Home - One Direction
Purpose - Justin Bieber

This album has no purpose to be hated

Train Does Led Zeppelin II - Train
Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz - Miley Cyrus
Believe - Justin Bieber

I believe dumb people hate this album

Epic - Blood on the Dance Floor

It is overrated because It doesn't deserve A Rating - christangrant

Sremmlife - Rae Sremmurd
Prism - Katy Perry
Fortune - Chris Brown
Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven - Kid Cudi
Tangled Up - Thomas Rhett
The New Classic - Iggy Azalea
Thank You - Meghan Trainor
Title - Meghan Trainor
Blurryface - Twenty One Pilots
Back in Black - AC/DC
... and Justice for All - Metallica
Thriller - Michael Jackson
Bad - Michael Jackson
Dookie - Green Day
Kerplunk - Green Day
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