What It SHOULD go for Iron Maiden and Metallica:

1. Master of Puppets - Its impossible to hate this album. Everything about it is perfect. You have the powerful opening song of Battery to the mega closer of Damage, Inc. The title song itself is a Heavy Metal masterpiece. Then you have classic maritime war song of Disposable Heroes, a powerhouse ballad Sanitarium, and lets not forget the head banging The Thing That Should Not Be, and most of all Orion, one of Cliff Burton's finest masterpieces.

2. Powerslave - Everything about this album is golden. From legendary songs like Aces High and 2 Minutes to Midnight, to the title song itself, to the perfectly harmonized guitar riff of Flash of the Blade, to the tale of the ancient mariner.

3. The Number of the Beast - This album is tough too. You have the legendary Hallowed Be Thy Name, as well as the unforgettable Run to the Hills and Number of the Beast. Then there's the powerhouse chorus of uppity in The Prisoner. Also do not forget that Clive Burr's drumming intro to Gangland. Or the calmness that Children of the Damned upholds musically.

4. Ride The Lightning - Ride The Lightning. Another icon of heavy metal music.From the fast handling guitar riffs of Creeping Death, to Kirk Hammett's solo in Ride The Lightning, to the fast pace of Fight Fire With Fire, the classic uphold of Trapped Under Ice, and lets not forget about one of Dave Mustaine's biggest contributions to Metallica in the construction of The Call of Ktulu, and most of all one of the most legendary intros to a song in Heavy Metal history in Fade To Black.

5. ...And Justice For All - Though it would have been in reason to put Kill Em' All in the top 5, ...And Justice For held big standards for Metallica in the late 80's. Especially since Lars made history with his iconic double bass pattern in One, the first Metallica song to go platinum. It would not be fair to talk about this album without paying tribute to Cliff Burton. His song To Live is to Die, was finished by James, Lars and Kirk after the bass legend passed away. There is also the ground stomping heavy hit start to the album in Blackened, the extensive vocabulary used in the song ...And Justice For All, to the commonplace song Harvester of Sorrow to the hard hitting end of the album in Dyers Eve.

6. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - Iron Maiden's third recognized album on this list makes it here because of some major barriers broken. You have Iron Maiden's first long lasting single to make it to number 2 which was Can I Play With Madness, to the gallop in Nicko McBrain's double bass of The Evil That Men Do, to the calm pathway of Infinite Dreams. There also is the powerhouse song of Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, which is overall a musical masterpiece, to Steve Harris's bass intro for The Clairvoyant.

7. Fear of the Dark - This album does not get NEARLY as much recognition as it should. The title drop is a TRADEMARK for Iron Maiden's live shows. From the overall power of Fear of the Dark, to the calm buildup of Afraid To Shoot Strangers, to the message that is held in The Fugitive. This album has it all, The album starts with a fast track called Be Quick or Be Dead, which was a simple dust bunny in the wind of things forgotten. The ballad of the album Wasting Love is something you can just sit there and rock yourself back and forth to the beat of, to the drums of Childhood's End, to the very different sounding guitar riff for Weekend Warrior. This album is all around fantastic.

8. St. Anger - While those that might believe I'm crazy for choosing this album to be on the list I have good reason. Although the album should be criticized for lacking of creativity, (due to its repetitiveness) St.Anger is a wonderful album to say in the least, because its different. You have to just listen to the speed the opening song Frantic brings to the heavy guitar riffs of St. Anger, over to Lars trash can drum intro for Dirty Window to the guitar riff that will roll in your head forever in Invisible Kid, all the way to the strong but repetitive message of Some Kind of Monster.

9. Piece of Mind - The album that follows Number of the Beast is very classic. The album starts off with a fun drum intro by Nicko McBrain into a creative song called Where Eagles Dare. I have never heard of anything else like it. The cult classic song The Trooper which is known by millions of people worldwide, to the steady pace of guitars in Flight of Icarus. The fun of the verse guitar riff of Revelations is just something to get into, as well as the intro/outro of To Tame a Land, which also uses a very extensive vocabulary. The overall song of Still Life is one that can't go without being heard as well

10. Iron Maiden - This album is CLASSIC Iron Maiden album. What is more fun than the free spirited song Running Free, which such a groovy beat, or the calm steady pace of Remember Tomorrow. There is the first Iron Maiden instrumental Transylvania, or the part of Prowler that gets stuck in your head, but you can't forget about the rememorable Phantom of the Opera or Sanctuary. And above all lets not forget about the heart stopping classic Iron Maiden. The riff is so catchy and you just HAVE to remember that song.