Top Ten Albums by Metal Bands that Changed the Bands' Style

The Top Ten

1 In Rock - Deep Purple

The album that transformed Deep Purple into a metal band.

2 Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath

Thanks to Dio Black Sabbath transformed into a true heavy metal band. Unfortunately Ozzy Osbourne fans hate this statement though (and most of them hate Dio too).

3 Nightfall in Middle Earth - Blind Guardian

Changed Blind Guardian's style from Thrashy Speed Metal to Progressive/Symphonic Power Metal

4 Cowboys from Hell - Pantera

Changed Pantera's style from Glam Metal & Heavy Metal (the album Power Metal) to Groove Metal

5 Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 1 - Helloween

Changed Helloween's style from Thrashy Speed/Power Metal to Melodic Power/Heavy Metal

6 Dimension Hatröss - Voivod

Changed Voivod's Style from Raw Thrash to Technical/Progressive Thrash Metal

7 Human - Death

Death's first progressive/technical death metal album after their first 3 old school death metal records.

8 Countdown To Extinction - Megadeth

Changed Megadeth's style from Thrash Metal to Heavy Metal

9 Metallica (Black Album) - Metallica

Changed Metallica's style from Thrash Metal to Heavy Metal

10 Under Jolly Roger - Running Wild

Running Wild started their melodic pirate power metal style with this album, their first 2 albums were speed metal and heavier heavy metal.

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