Top Ten Albums That Changed a Band's Sound


The Top Ten

1 A Thousand Suns - Linkin Park


2 Minutes to Midnight - Linkin Park
3 Collide - Skillet
4 City of Evil - Avenged Sevenfold
5 Ten Thousand Fists - Disturbed
6 Cowboys from Hell - Pantera
7 Comatose - Skillet
8 Figure Number Five - Soilwork
9 The Crusade - Trivium
10 Heartwork - Carcass

The Contenders

11 Human - Death
12 The Path of Totality - Korn

That album sucks - JCHOW

13 Metallica (The Black Album) - Metallica
14 Brave Murder Day - Katatonia
15 Broken - Nine Inch Nails
16 Symbol of Life - Paradise Lost
17 Reroute to Remain - In Flames
18 Black Holes and Revelations - Muse

Nah, I think they started to change when they made The 2nd Law. - Userguy44

This sound is more alternative and experimental than their first three albums, it also had very good tracks as Knight Of Cydonia and Map Of The Problematique

19 Nightfall In Middle-Earth - Blind Guardian
20 Beyond the Red Mirror - Blind Guardian
21 Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath

Released in 1980, this album changed their sound from heavy blues rock to heavy metal. - Metal_Treasure

22 St. Anger - Metallica
23 The Black Album - Metallica
24 Ok Computer - Radiohead

Let's stop a bit fulling this list of metal bands a let's look at other bands
OK Computer is the album that changed Radiohead career forever, it has some vibes to The Bends and Pablo Honey but also has a very deep and alternative style that make Radiohead as an experimenting band

Honestly, Kid A is a much better example. They were still a guitar rock band with OK Computer (albeit one of the most promising ones); with Kid A, they rejected the normal roles of being in a rock band. - Gg2000

25 Weezer (The Green Album) - Weezer

To post-punk and indie rock to alt rock, it is a really good album but not so good as Blue and Pinkerton

26 After Laughter - Paramore

To pop punk and alt rock to indie rock, I know self titled album had a lot of changes too but you can still hear old Paramore in that album, in here you hear something very different to Riot, but that doesn't mean is a bad album

27 Pretty Odd - Panic! at the Disco

To alt rock and indie rock to folk rock, I think this was a very good transition to P! ATD is also their best album

28 One More Light - Linkin Park

Similar to Paramore change, the only difference is while Paramore influenced to 80's pop this one looks more a popular mainstream album

29 Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys - My Chemical Romance

To pop punk and alt rock to space rock and pop rock, it changed in a very good way, now My Chemical Romance sound a lot more happy and fresh than their old post-hardcore style

30 Evanescence - Evanescence

To nu metal to alr tock and hard rock, a very good album in my opinion

31 Infinity on High - Fall Out Boy

To pop punk to alt rock and pop rock, sure it doesn't sound so different as SRAR and ABAP but it changed a lot to FOB

32 Folie a Deux - Fall Out Boy

Similar to IOH, the only difference is that while IOH is alt rock this one is more funk rock oriented

33 Rubber Soul - The Beatles
34 Roots - Sepultura
35 Workingman's Dead - Grateful Dead

With this album, the Dead traded their psychedelic sound for a more country and folk influenced direction. Their songs also got considerably shorter and more focused. - Gg2000

36 Aftermath - The Rolling Stones

This is the album where the Stones went from being a blues/R&B band to experimenting with more musically complex ideas. - Gg2000

37 In Rock - Deep Purple

I'm surprised this wasn't on here already. This is the album that changed Deep Purple from a psychedelic rock band to one of the first heavy metal bands. - Gg2000

38 Bringing It All Back Home - Bob Dylan

Half-electric, half acoustic- it was his transition from the acoustic folk of the past to the electric rock and roll of the future. - Gg2000

39 Fifth Dimension - The Byrds

The Byrds went from being a more folk-rock/ Beatles-influenced pop band to a psychedelic band with this album. - Gg2000

40 On the Border - Eagles

With this album, the Eagles changed producers from Glyn Johns to Bill Szymcyk, and changed from a country rock band to a more hard rock influenced band. - Gg2000

41 Blur - Blur

Realizing that the Britpop movement was gonna crash down on them, Blur changed their style to a more lo-fi, American-influenced sound. - Gg2000

42 Face to Face - The Kinks

With this album, The Kinks went from an R&B based garage band to a more sophisticated group with stronger pop, baroque, and music hall influences. Ray Davies also began to branch out from traditional love songs into more observational lyrics. - Gg2000

43 Master of Reality - Black Sabbath

This album is important in that Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler began tuning their guitars down to C# Standard Tuning, giving their riffs a much heavier sound. No one (as far as I know) tuned their guitars down that far before. - Gg2000

44 Days of Future Passed - Moody Blues

This album transformed them from a standard British R&B band to symphonic rock. They were the first major rock band to successfully blend rock with orchestra. - Gg2000

45 Signals - Rush

This album pretty much marked the beginning of synth-era Rush. - Gg2000

46 London Calling - The Clash

With this album, The Clash gave up straight punk and started experimenting with other genres (such as reggae, rockabilly, and ska). They had flirted with these genres a handful of times beforehand, but it wasn't until London Calling that they fully went for it. - Gg2000

47 The 2nd Law - Muse
48 And Then There Were Three - Genesis

With this album, Steve Hackett was out of the band, and the three made their move to the pop era. - Gg2000

49 Kid A - Radiohead

OK Computer is already on here but lets be honest this is the real one. It didn't just change radiohead it changed music - 4our2wen0ty

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3. A Thousand Suns - Linkin Park
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