Top 10 Albums that Rocked Reviews Should Talk on Regretting the Past

Rocked is a youtube channel that specializes of reviewing and discussing albums, bands and news related to the rock genre His most well known section is "Regretting the Past" a series of videos when he discusses about terrible albums from the 00s and 10s that were made by very succesful bands (or if the album was very succesful), the main target of the series is to show why this albums (or bands) didn't deserved all the fame and attention they had in the past years Here a fellow collection of albums that he can discuss in upcoming episodes

The Top Ten

1 Eternal Enemies - Emmure Eternal Enemies - Emmure Product Image

Was this album really that successful though it got to number 57 on the charts that sounds to me like pretty minor success it doesn't have a certification or anything and I don't think it was popular anywhere outside the US. Anyway it sounds like you listened to their whole discography. Why though why would you force yourself to listen to everything released by a terrible band? (Going by your statements about them I had never heard of them). - Powell

I don't think I said that it was not that bad it could certainly be the worst rock album ever. I don't listen to songs people say are going to be terrible so sorry I am not listening to anything from this album I just thought that it seemed a bit of a stretch calling this a successful album I know it is their highest charting (from Wikipedia of course) but Emmure aren't exactly a very famous band anyway so I am still not sure. In this case what would you say was a successful album for the purposes of this list? - Powell

Honestly most albums from Emmure can easily be worth regretting but... this one takes the cake, is just insultingly bad from beginning to end - Pato_cargo

2 Raditude - Weezer Raditude - Weezer Product Image

A lot of people say that he cannot (or will never) talk about this album because his friend The Rock Critic already talked about it, then again St. Anger was also an album that both guys have discussed, so it might be interesting to known his takes on this album (and Make Believe too) - Pato_cargo

3 Life on Display - Puddle of Mudd Life on Display - Puddle of Mudd Product Image

He already did a video talking about Puddle's of Mudd second studio album Come Clean, however this one intrigues me a lot by not only being another Puddle of Mudd album, but also for killing their entire career and overall being a critical failure - Pato_cargo

4 Dark Horse - Nickelback Dark Horse - Nickelback Product Image

He already talked about two Nickelback albums before, Silver Slide Up (the album who made them worldwide famous) and All the Right Reasons (their most succesful album), this album is special not only for being succesful, but also for starting all the worldwide backlask against Nickelback - Pato_cargo

5 The Reason - Hoobastank The Reason - Hoobastank Product Image

The album who has the well known top hit "The Reason" in it, not really that special, but considering how big the song was (and how succesful this album was too) it might be worth looking


6 Daughtry - Daughtry Daughtry - Daughtry Product Image

Another succesful album made by a well known band from the 00s, is also intriguing after knowing the fact that Chris Daughtry started as a contestant for a Reality Show, and then made his own band - Pato_cargo

7 Break the Cycle - Staind Break the Cycle - Staind Product Image

He already made a whole video on 14 Shades of Grey, Staind's awful follow up to this album, however this is also a good candidate for being Staind's most succesful album, although I doubt he will review it - Pato_cargo

8 Away From The Sun - 3 Doors Down Away From The Sun - 3 Doors Down Product Image

It was between this and The Better Life, but overall this onw is way worse than The Better Life, so I think it fits more to the series - Pato_cargo

9 The Drug In Me Is You - Falling in Reverse The Drug In Me Is You - Falling in Reverse Product Image

Even if I think Falling In Reverse has worse albums than this one, this is probably the most easy to talk about since it's the band's debut
The style of the record is an enigma, imagine if Motley Crue would do songs for the Taking Back Sunday fans - Pato_cargo

10 Guilty Pleasure - Attila Guilty Pleasure - Attila Product Image

Just as Emmure, any album by Attila is worth regretting, but this one takes the cake for being their worst album BY FAR, mainly for the main theme which is that the band hates their haters - Pato_cargo

The Contenders

11 Barrio Fino - Daddy Yankee Barrio Fino - Daddy Yankee Product Image
12 Night Visions - Imagine Dragons Night Visions - Imagine Dragons Product Image

I'm sorry I did not notice the reggaeton albums (maybe they had not been added when I made my first comment) I agree that those would be irrelevant.

This and the Avril Lavigne album were not really rock albums so they don't really belong.

13 Faceless - Godsmack Faceless - Godsmack Product Image

Almost every Godsmack album is worth regretting, but this one has I Stand Alone (their most well known track) so it's probably their most interesting album by a long shot - Pato_cargo

14 Sinner - Drowning Pool Sinner - Drowning Pool Product Image

The album with the song "Bodies" it's kind of similar to Crazy Town's The Gift of Game when it has a really big song in it but everything else is unknown - Pato_cargo

15 Make Believe - Weezer Make Believe - Weezer Product Image

Probably a good alternative if he will not talk about Raditude, I also imagine Todd in the Shadows covering Raditude for his "Trainwreckords" segment more than Rocked, so this might be a good alternative
Not as bad as Raditude, but it was a critical failure and almost killed fans love with Weezer so it might be interesting to look at it - Pato_cargo

16 The Last Don - Don Omar The Last Don - Don Omar Product Image
17 Whatever - Hot Chelle Rae Whatever - Hot Chelle Rae Product Image

An album from the early 10s who continue to folllow up all the cheesy pop punk from the late 00s that bands like Metro Station and All Time Low were doing, it's awful - Pato_cargo

18 The Best Damn Thing - Avril Lavigne The Best Damn Thing - Avril Lavigne Product Image
19 Liz Phair - Liz Phair Liz Phair - Liz Phair Product Image
20 Around the Sun - R.E.M Around the Sun - R.E.M Product Image
21 Heathen Chemistry - Oasis Heathen Chemistry - Oasis Product Image
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