Albums That Should Have Not Been In Gigwise's 50 Worst Albums of the 2000s


The Top Ten

1 Rudebox - Robbie Williams

I guess I'm in minority but I do love this album. Robbie's rapping was weird but the whole album was great. At least for me - Magnolia

This was a fantastic, amazing album

This was a number one album!

2 Scream If You Wanna Go Faster - Geri Halliwell

My favorite Geri album - catchy sound, nice beats, interesting performance - Magnolia

3 All the Right Reasons - Nickelback

I love this band. They don't popularize violence, drugs, sex, strong language etc. Is it a crime? - Magnolia

4 Speak - Lindsay Lohan

Very underrated. I'm not crazy, I love many songs on this album. - Magnolia

5 Rebirth - Jennifer Lopez

A bit weak compared to her greatest albums but still decent R&B/Pop/Hip-hop album. - Magnolia

6 Escape - Enrique Iglesias

Very cool pop album. Why hate it? It gave us many catchy hits like Escape, Hero, Love to See You Cry... - Magnolia

7 Taking Chances - Celine Dion

This among the worst of the 00's? What were they thinking? - Magnolia

8 Do You Know - Jessica Simpson

She has a very nice voice. Yes, this album was weak but not one of the worst from the 2000's - Magnolia

9 Results May Vary - Limp Bizkit

Definitely not as bad as Gigwise introduced - Magnolia

10 Chinese Democracy - Guns N Roses

Nobody expected a masterpiece but this album didn't deserve all that harsh criticism - Magnolia

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