Best Albums From Thrash Metal's Big 4


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1 Rust In Peace - Megadeth

Hangar 18, Tornado Of Souls, Holy Wars, Five Magics, Take No Prisoners... I CAN't speak anymore

Either this album or And Justice for all should be number 1, even though Anthrax's Among the living is great. - Metalfan2112

One of my favourite albums. sorry, just had to vote for reign in blood, but this is my second place


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2 Ride the Lightning - Metallica

Master of puppets is the best, but I ve voted for this to become number one, because mop, rtj and ajfa are absolutely the best ever.

3 Reign In Blood - Slayer

Shreds you to pieces in under 30 minutes.

Where Are You Slayer Fans?
Come on and Vote for the heaviset Album of all time...
This Album Influence on the death metal, What more can I Say?
(Sorry for bad English :)) )

4 Master of Puppets - Metallica

Pastor of Muffets.

5 Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? - Megadeth

Simply The best.

6 Among the Living - Anthrax

A true thrash masterpiece not one bad track on the whole album

7 Seasons In the Abyss - Slayer
8 Kill Em All - Metallica
9 ...And Justice for All - Metallica
10 Spreading the Disease - Anthrax

The Newcomers

? Undisputed Attitude - Slayer

The Contenders

11 South of Heaven - Slayer
12 Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good! - Megadeth

It's underrated. Please vote. It's just speed. Not slow paced like Metallica

13 Countdown to Extinction - Megadeth

This is not a thrash album at all. Not even close. This album sucks - Sabbath

Metallica fangirl spotted.

14 Hell Awaits - Slayer

This will be a fight between slayer, sacrifice, sodom and megadeth, metallica should fight against blutengel or baby metal... Long live darkest thrash record of slayer, no one equals!

15 Persistence of Time - Anthrax
16 Endgame - Megadeth

This whole album is amazing. Dioletic chaos/this day we fight is jaw dropping - Sabbath

17 State of Euphoria - Anthrax
18 Death Magnetic - Metallica

Clean, heavy, creative, killer riffs; what more could you ask for?

19 Show No Mercy - Slayer


20 God Hates Us All - Slayer
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1. Rust In Peace - Megadeth
2. Reign In Blood - Slayer
3. Seasons In the Abyss - Slayer
1. Master of Puppets - Metallica
2. Rust In Peace - Megadeth
3. ...And Justice for All - Metallica
1. Rust In Peace - Megadeth
2. Ride the Lightning - Metallica
3. Persistence of Time - Anthrax

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