Top 10 Albums that Were Hated by The Artists that Made Them

These albums were hated by the artist who made them either because they were bad or for other reasons.

if you are going add a album to this list please give a reason as too why the band hated the album.
The Top Ten
1 Never Say Die - Black Sabbath Never Say Die - Black Sabbath Product Image

Ozzy Osbourne, who was subsequently fired, called this "the worst piece of work that I've ever had anything to do with. I'm ashamed of that album. I think it's disgusting."

Geezer Butler later admitted the title was completely tongue in cheek, as Black Sabbath sank into chemical, creative and interpersonal difficulties. None of that made for a great album.

2 It's Hard - The Who It's Hard - The Who Product Image

Roger Daltrey:"'It's Hard' should never have been released, I had huge rows with Pete [Townshend]. I said, 'Pete, this is just a complete piece of s*** and it should never come out!'"

3 Let It Be - The Beatles Let It Be - The Beatles Product Image

John Lennon: "Given the s***iest load of badly-recorded s*** with a lousy feeling to it ever, he made something of it."

This was his complaint after Paul McCartney openly groused about the "Wall of Sound" approach favored by producer Phil Spector.

4 Nevermind - Nirvana Nevermind - Nirvana Product Image
5 Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen Product Image

Springsteen spent years working on this project and months on the title track alone trying to fashion the "greatest rock 'n' roll record ever made." He didn't feel it was there yet, initially calling 'Born to Run' the "worst piece of garbage" he'd ever heard. Producer Jon Landau thought otherwise, and convinced Springsteen to finally release the album.

I have no idea what he thought was the problem with this album.

6 Never Let Me Down - David Bowie Never Let Me Down - David Bowie Product Image

I think he hated both this and Tonight about the same for the exact reason- he was sacrificing his art for the sake of being a pop star.

7 Pinkerton - Weezer Pinkerton - Weezer Product Image

RIvers likes it now. He despised it for 10 years, though.

Rivers doesn't hate this album anymore I believe.

8 Be Here Now - Oasis Be Here Now - Oasis Product Image

Noel Gallagher hates the album, admitting it was a mess. Liam Gallagher, however, liked it and didn't see what the problem was.

9 Cold Lake - Celtic Frost Cold Lake - Celtic Frost Product Image

You may find that this album is the only album Celtic Frost didn't remaster, no it's not because of record label issues its because the band hated this album and Tom has also said it was the "absolute worst I could do in my lifetime." He has also called it "an utter piece of s***" and "possibly the worst album ever created in heavy music."

10 Mondo Bizarro - Ramones Mondo Bizarro - Ramones Product Image

Johnny Ramone had stated that he "didn't like it at all" in the documentary 'End of the Century'. All though Mondo Bizarro is my personal fourth favorite by The Ramones.

The Contenders
11 Hot Space - Queen Hot Space - Queen Product Image

Thanks to whoever added this it seems that Brian May and Roger Taylor hated the sound of this album.

12 Encore - Eminem Encore - Eminem Product Image

"Looking back on it now, there was some pretty mediocre things that I was putting out," Is what Eminem said about the album after years of it coming out he also stated that:
"When I was making 'Encore', my addiction took on a life of its own."

and his mentor Dr. Dre even laughed at him while he was making songs for the album.

13 Chelsea Girl - Nico Chelsea Girl - Nico Product Image
14 The Final Cut - Pink Floyd The Final Cut - Pink Floyd Product Image

David Gilmour said 'The Final Cut' was poorer for it. Waters resorted to completing the project with "cheap filler of the kind we hadn't put on a Pink Floyd album in years," Gilmour said. "It could have been a great album, but it's unbalanced."

15 Around the Sun - R.E.M. Around the Sun - R.E.M. Product Image
16 One by One - Foo Fighters One by One - Foo Fighters Product Image

When Dave Grohl was discussing about this album he said "Four of the songs were good, and the other seven I never played again in my life."

17 Their Satanic Majesties Request - The Rolling Stones Their Satanic Majesties Request - The Rolling Stones Product Image

This was the first album I thought of when I saw this list. Keith Richards called it "a load of crap" and only likes three songs on the album- She's a Rainbow, 2000 Lightyears From Home, and Citadel.

18 Nine Track Mind - Charlie Puth Nine Track Mind - Charlie Puth Product Image

He said that none of the music really represented him at all.

19 Music from The Elder - Kiss Music from The Elder - Kiss Product Image
20 Cut the Crap - The Clash Cut the Crap - The Clash Product Image
21 Transit of Venus - Three Days Grace Transit of Venus - Three Days Grace Product Image

When Adam Gontier quit the band, he went on to make several Facebook posts about how the band had hired country songwriters to be co-writers on the album and how only one or two songs from the record actually came from his heart. He had even posted negative reviews about the album and agreed with them.

22 Diabolus in Musica - Slayer Diabolus in Musica - Slayer Product Image

Kerry King has said that this is his least favorite album he worked on.

23 Between the Buttons - The Rolling Stones

Mick Jagger called the album "a load of rubbish" because he was disappointed in the sound quality and he thought the songwriting was somewhat weak. He said that the only song on the album he likes is Back Street Girl.

24 Antipop - Primus Antipop - Primus Product Image

Claypool said : "We were at the end of our creative rope, the well was dry, so we just started sucking mud."
They went on hiatus for three years after the release of this album.
Claypool said in 2015 that this was "His least favorite Primus record."

25 Pop - U2 Pop - U2 Product Image

U2 guitarist the Edge admitted. "It was a crazy period trying to mix everything and finish recording and having production meetings about the upcoming tour. If you can't mix something, it generally means there's something wrong with it."

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