Top 10 Albums Where a Music Artist Changed Their Sound

The Top Ten Albums Where a Music Artist Changed Their Sound

1 Kid A - Radiohead

Now this album sees Radiohead adopt a more Electronic sound as opposed to the Rock sound that they had before Kid A. They would continue this sound in Amnesiac and after that they return to more Rock sound but they still had lot's of Electronic influences. - DarkBoi-X

2 A Thousand Suns - Linkin Park

This album also sees Linkin Park transition into a more Electronic sound from their previous mostly Rock sound. - DarkBoi-X

3 Revolver - The Beatles

This album is where The Beatles start to adopt a more Psychedelic Rock sound. They still kept Their Pop Rock sound that they've always had though. - DarkBoi-X

Rubber soul though? - JoLeKosovo

4 DAMN - Kendrick Lamar

This sees Kendrick make more Trap sounding songs as well as songs that appeal to a more mainstream audience as in 2017 when this album was made as well as the year I made this list(2019) Trap Rap is currently trending in Hip Hop and the mainstream. - DarkBoi-X

5 Ok Computer - Radiohead

Now Radiohead used to have an Alternative Rock only sound. Usually with in the Grunge and Britpop genres.
This album sees Radiohead adopt a Progressive Rock and Art Rock sound as well as an Experimental Rock sound too. But yes they still remain Alternative Rock on this album too. - DarkBoi-X

6 Black Album - Metallica

Funny, I think this album is more Metallica-like than "Load". It's more radio friendly, sure but I think "Load" was the biggest change. It was their attempt at staying relevant during the Grunge/post-Grunge era by getting a bit more experimental. - truckturner

This shows Metallica become less heavy to the point where they are no longer Thrash Metal and rather either just plain Heavy Metal or Hard Rock. - DarkBoi-X

7 Flower Boy - Tyler, the Creator

This saw Tyler start to adopt a more artistic and Soul vibe as opposed to his previous more edgy stuff and even the Horrorcore stuff very early on in his career.
This would see Tyler transition into his most recent album Igor, which shows him take an even more of a Soul and R&B influence but still Hip Hop for the most part.
Also this album Flower Boy, shows Tyler coming out as either Gay or Bi. - DarkBoi-X

8 One More Light - Linkin Park

This sees Linkin Park shift to a mostly Pop music sound. - DarkBoi-X

9 Minutes to Midnight - Linkin Park

This sees Linkin Park be less heavy. - DarkBoi-X

10 To Pimp a Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar

This sees Kendrick Lamar experiment with Jazz, Soul and Funk. - DarkBoi-X

The Contenders

11 Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses - Slipknot

I mean, yes they're still heavy, but it was more alternative metal than heavy/nu metal. Not to mention Vermilion Pt. 2 is alternative rock

12 Heaven Upside Down - Marilyn Manson
13 Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz - Miley Cyrus
14 Mylo Xyloto - Coldplay
15 Pinkerton - Weezer

This was a complete departure the very clean, tight alternative rock / power pop blue album debut. This album was raw, with sloppy production and very intimate themes. Feels like it's being played two inches away from your face. - JoLeKosovo

16 Swordfishtrombones - Tom Waits

Prior to this album, Tom Waits was known for being a more straightforward singer-songwriter with strong jazz and folk influences. This album was recorded after he left Asylum Records for Island Records and married his wife Kathleen, who became his manager. After she exposed him to more avant-garde artists (Captain Beefheart being a standout influence), he began to record more experimental, raw sounding records. This was the first one of them. - Gg2000

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