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21 Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys

Great Songs By A Great Band - 12cc

Beautiful songs sung with beautiful voices. Beach Boys�'Sgt.Pepper album.

22 A Night at the Opera - Queen

Queen try every trick in the book with this album, crossing all genres of music. Gone is the heavy rock sound of their first two albums. Queen made an album that you just had to hear to believe. It had the quirky ness of Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon; the folky sound of '39; the 1930 sound of Good Company/Seaside Rendezvous and of course the majestic sound of Bohemian Rhapsody; throw in the epic Prophets Song and a bit of rock with Death on Two Legs and you have a masterpiece that still sounds great today. Only one dud track but we can forgive Queen for that - you can work it out.

Not only about the greatest hits, but some hidden gems are in there, too! Seaside Rendezvous, Death On Two Legs, Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon, '39, Good Company... Fantastic! A must have.

a lot of the Queen Greatest Hits (1) Album came from a night at the Opera - Queen-aholic

Really a must have. Even my dad, who for some reason seems to have a grudge against Queen, has this album.

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23 Songs From the Silver Screen - Jackie Evancho

Another wonderful collection from this gifted prodigy.. Sure to become a classic of transition for Jackie from child to young lady..

Tough to vote when there are two of her albums on the list (Dream With Me at 85). The PBS Great Performances "Music Of The Movies" concert of this album (also hosted by Jackie), is a delight - more so in my humble opinion than this CD. Keep an eye out for her THIRD PBS special later this year.

Actually, all of Jackie's albums are a must have. All of them are important parts of the musical history of our era. Can't wait to puchase Awakening.

Wonderful collection of songs that highlight Miss Evancho's vocal versatility. - BobG

24 Reign in Blood - Slayer

Should be in Top 10 - TrappedInsideIt

25 Heaven Up Here - Echo & the Bunnymen

One of the most influential bands ever. This album is pure heaven

26 Quadrophenia - The Who

If you have quality head phones and stereo you have to listen to this album with the album and liner notes in front of you if possible. - Garjen

27 Machine Head - Deep Purple

The greatest album from my most favorite band. This is a very tight band at the peak of its musical productivity. - BobG

28 Back in Black - AC/DC

really? 49 Million albums sold world wide and this is #31?

For anyone who loves hard rock, this is the essential album. I think it should be top 5 on influence alone.

One of the greatest hard rock albums ever! A must own not only for an AC/DC fan, but any rock fan!

At least top 5 please

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29 All Mod Cons - The Jam
30 True Blue - Madonna

Catchy, intriguing, great... record! Love it - Abel123

31 Bad - Michael Jackson

Smooth Criminal is in it... AMAZING - SmoothCriminal

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32 HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I - Michael Jackson


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33 Catch a Fire - Bob Marley
34 Invincible - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is the Ultimate.. His each and every album is better than any one else's. L-O-V-E you forever Michael Jackson, "King of Pop, Rock and Soul", "God of Dance", "King of Music Videos". MJ IS FOREVER.

He was just pop.. Music to be heard, albeit good but not music to be listened to!

35 The Blackening - Machine Head

This is one of the best albums ever released. Probably not as good as the follow up Unto The Locust, but still, one of the best albums ever released from any genre.

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36 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles

While Sgt. Pepper is not my favorite Beatles album, there is no doubt that such a famous, iconic, and beloved album as this should most definitely belong in your collection. No matter what your opinion on it is, it is essential nonetheless.

An unforgettable music experience-let's put it like that

How is this not #1? It sure should be. - Beatlesboy9

37 Who's Next - The Who
38 18 - Moby
39 Monkey Business - Black Eyed Peas V 1 Comment
40 At the Edge of Time - Blind Guardian
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