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41 Power - Nekrogoblikon
42 Two Sevens Clash - Culture
43 Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd - Pink Floyd
44 Greatest Hits - The Doors
45 Sacrament - Lamb of God
46 Elephunk - Black Eyed Peas
47 Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits (1992-2001) - Barenaked Ladies
48 The Wall - Pink Floyd

One of the greatest album of all time! An album that you have to listen to before you die

The only album that makes you truly feel the authors pain in it.
My favorite album ever.

Absolute perfection. Truly shows the genius of Roger Waters in 2 discs. Mind-blowing.

In my opinion, even better than "Dark Side Of The Moon"and that's saying a lot.

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49 City of Evil - Avenged Sevenfold

Amazing album, should be in the top ten...

This is the best album I've ever heard

50 Screaming for Vengeance - Judas Priest
51 Play - Moby V 1 Comment
52 The E.N.D - Black Eyed Peas
53 Delicate Sound of Thunder - Pink Floyd
54 Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits - Simon and Garfunkel
55 Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
56 Worship Music - Anthrax
57 Sticky Fingers - The Rolling Stones
58 Rubber Soul - The Beatles

Music finally put on it's "big boy pants"

59 The Beginning - Black Eyed Peas
60 The White Room - The KLF
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