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101 The Very Best of Supertramp - Supertramp
102 With The Beatles - The Beatles
103 Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park

What the best album all songs are good crawling won grammy and in the end the greatest rock song ever I have listen also the best band ever all the albums are very good chester's voice is out of the world

The best album ever made by the best band. Linkin Park always impresses me, definitely #1. - lukestheman4

Amazing debut album from Linkin Park. Best nu metal album out there. - RickLp27


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104 Ray of Light - Madonna
105 Toxicity - System of a Down
106 Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers

This is one of the best albums ever (along with by the way, BSSM, and stadium arcadium). How the hell is Lindsey Logan ahead of this album? This list is bull.

Sorry but the title song always annoyed me along with every rhyme they try to make with it - Billyv

107 I Am...Sasha Fierce - Beyonce
108 All Hope Is Gone - Slipknot

I was going to add this just not but I'm glad I found it - Sabbath

This should be at n1

109 Songs About Jane - Maroon 5
110 Live at Fillmore East - The Allman Brothers Band
111 Indestructible - Disturbed

Seriously? This is a must own album! Metal doesn't have to be old to be good.

112 Vulgar Display of Power - Pantera

Come on now people how come I had to put this on here should've been here a lot sooner

113 Willpower - Will.I.Am
114 Angel Dust - Faith No More
115 Push the Button - The Chemical Brothers
116 L.D.50 - Mudvayne
117 Violator - Depeche Mode
118 Black Celebration - Depeche Mode
119 The English Riviera - Metronomy
120 Mutter - Rammstein
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