Albums You Would Add to Rolling Stone's Top 500 Albums of All Time


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1 Machine Head - Deep Purple
2 At the Edge of Time - Blind Guardian
3 In the Court of the Crimson King - King Crimson

This is, without a doubt, far and away, without a question, the greatest album of all time. Greater than Dark Side of the Moon, greater than any Beatles album. King Crimson's premier masterpiece not only lays the foundation for progressive rock with experimentation, it uses a wide range of astounding sounding instruments, the song structures and lyrics are intense and like nothing else ever, and the chord progressions leave nothing else to be desired. An absolutely epic album that always dodges hype and popularity due to its peculiarity and originality. I love it that way, and I continue to hope it stays that way. Long live the Crimson King.

They called this the second best prog album, but they left it out on the top 100 debut albums and the top 500 albums. Idiots.

I can't believe they left out this... maybe only 5 song, but all of 5 songs are 10/10, hard to play songs. Rolling Stone Sucks... - somekindofaguy

Best album of all time

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4 Ride the Lighting - Metallica
5 The Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden
6 In Rock - Deep Purple
7 Reign in Blood - Slayer
8 Reckless - Bryan Adams

I adore this album - definitely one of the greatest ever! Critics always forget about this masterpiece while making their polls and charts - Irina2932

Great album all the way through, I usually have to skip a song or two on an album but with this one I don't, every single song is great

9 Animals - Pink Floyd

This wasn't on!?! 1 - SammySpore

10 True Blue - Madonna

When it comes to name Madonna's best albums, they always bring "Like A Prayer" and "Ray of Light". Both albums are fantastic but "True Blue" is even better. It gave us 'La Isla Bonita', 'Papa Don't Preach', 'Live to Tell' and 'Open Your Heart' - Irina2932

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11 Nightfall in Middle-Earth - Blind Guardian
12 Homogenic - Bjork

"Post" received a credit but what about this masterpiece? - Irina2932

13 The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway - Genesis

This album is real journey to another world - very deep, emotional and so adventurous - Irina2932

It's a shame that there are almost no prog albums on the list (except jethro tull and Pink Floyd)

14 I'm Your Baby Tonight - Whitney Houston

I would give everything to this melodious album. The title track, "All the Man That I Need", "Miracle", "My Name Is Not Susan" and "I Belong to You" were fantastic singles - Irina2932

15 Painkiller - Judas Priest
16 Pump - Aerosmith

They gave credits to Toys In the Attic and Rocks but this one is no less impressive. "Janie's Got a Gun", "Love in an Elevator", "What It Takes", "F.I.N.E. ", "The Other Side", "Monkey on My Back" were released as singles - Irina2932

17 Kick - INXS

6 guys outta AUSTRALIA take over the world... Isn't that epic enough?

How is this not a top 500 album of all time? This album is better than a lot on the top 500 list

This is the Album that made them world famous.

INXS needs more Credit.

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18 Century Child - Nightwish

In the USA, they are not the biggest band, but in several European countries, it is a fact that whenever Nightwish release new material, it immediately tops the charts and becomes a musical blockbuster. They are not a band that get too much airplay, that is due to them not being mainstream pop but symphonic metal, but nevertheless their music is well known at least all over Middle Europe. Much of this success is due to this album, "Century Child", which not only is my personal favourite work by them (a concept album about the loss of innocence, with groundbreaking lyrics and a sentimental tone to it), it also was the first to enter the international market outside of their home country Finland. The singles "Bless the Child" and "Ever Dream" became huge hits e.g. in Germany and the album itself, which contains 10 excellently thought out songs, can be considered their Europe-wide breakthrough. Plus, for me it is the best record of the 2000s. - Martin_Canine

19 Scream - Tokio Hotel

One thing the Rolling Stone list misses is taking a look at the Non-English speaking market. Yes, there were Björk, Kraftwerk and ABBA, but several influential bands that weren't American or British were simply ignored.

Not only were they probably the most influential German band of the 2000s, until their hiatus from 2010 to 2014 (in Germany, "Kings of Suburbi" was a bomb, it was more successful in other countries), having their musical style as well as Bill's appearance copied both by bands and youths alike, they also became big in other countries all over the world, including the USA and Japan. They have a huge international and very devoted fanbase and their English language debut "Scream" (a compilation that features accurately translated English versions of songs from their first two German language albums) received positive reviews in several countries - actually, Rolling Stone's 3-and-a-half-stars review is way more enthusiastic than what they wrote ...more - Martin_Canine

20 Sehnsucht - Rammstein

Even with Rammstein being a German band singing in their mother language, it is a music group that is well known all over the globe and recieved almost universal acclaim for every album they released. It is not fair ignoring this huge band whose music has a massive fanbase on every continent no matter if they can understand the lyrics - which, by the way, have the unique ability to perfectly combine the quality and structure of classic literature and poems with almost vulgar or horrifyingly violent content, therefore developing a storytelling similar to traditional tales but with dark topics. However, this album's style of lyricsm is unusually graphic and straightforward for the band.
"Sehnsucht", along with "Mutter", is generally seen as Rammstein's best and greatest album, and also includes 2 of their most well known songs, "Engel" and "Du hast". - Martin_Canine

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