Top Ten Albums You Would Have on a Deserted Isle

If you could have only ten albums, which would you choose? No compilations please.

The Top Ten

1 The Wall - Pink Floyd

If it were down to one, I guess I'd have to choose this. What a mind numbingly sad decision that would be. - Ned964

I think it's about time I listened to a lot more Pink Floyd than I do. - Britgirl

2 Darkness on the Edge of Town - Bruce Springsteen
3 Coat of Many Colors - Dolly Parton

Nice list...! Some nice choices too. From this list so far, I'd choose this one and Let's Get It On. I'm so indecisive, it would take forever for me to choose the ones I would would like to keep me company. - Britgirl

4 Herbert Von Karajan - Beethoven Symphony No. 9, 1976

Feels like a Sunday morning, I'd better put this on, make some coffee - Ned964

5 London Calling - The Clash
6 World of Echo - Arthur Russell

While maybe not my favorite album (I wouldn't bring Suicide on to my island, that would give me nightmares), it is definitely the most essential soundtrack to being on a deserted isle. - djpenquin999

7 Fear - Toad the Wet Sprocket
8 Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye
9 Flood - Boris
10 E2-E4 - Manuel Gottsching

I'll have to give this a listen. At a minimum, this is one cool album cover, and should be submitted to the list of "Best Album Covers" within this site. - Ned964

The Contenders

11 At the Edge of Time - Blind Guardian
12 Live in the Paradise Garage - Larry Levan
13 Flying Saucer Attack - Flying Saucer Attack
14 Blonde on Blonde - Bob Dylan
15 Ride the Lightning - Metallica
16 6 Kiss - Lil B
17 Appetite For Destruction - Guns N' Roses
18 Whitesnake - Whitesnake
19 Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished - Animal Collective
20 The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid - Stars of the Lid
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1. The Wall - Pink Floyd
2. Darkness on the Edge of Town - Bruce Springsteen
3. Coat of Many Colors - Dolly Parton
1. At the Edge of Time - Blind Guardian
2. Ride the Lightning - Metallica
3. The Wall - Pink Floyd
1. World of Echo - Arthur Russell
2. Flood - Boris
3. E2-E4 - Manuel Gottsching



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