Why "Pet Sounds" should be higher, "Appetite For Destruction" lower, and "OK Computer" still.

As of right now, "Pet Sounds" is sitting at #10 on the "Best Albums of All Time", with "Appetite For Destruction" at #11 and "OK Computer" at #12. In the following document, I will explain to you why "Pet Sounds" should be at least at #3 (#1, maybe), "Appetite For Destruction" should get out of the top 25 and why "OK Computer" is perfect at #12.
First of all, "Pet Sounds" is actually the most important album in music history in my opinion. It not only opened up various styles of music and pop culture affects that still last to this day. However, more importantly, it inspired the production of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."
You see, Sgt. Pepper's was headed by Paul McCaurtney after a short Beatles hiatus to top what was released a year earlier, "Pet Sounds". It would go on to obviously top the Beach Boy's record and become the most influential album of all time, sculpting a lot of types of music that would later on evolve into popular music today. (Art Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Concept Albums). So, no Pet Sounds= No Sgt. Pepper's, and I think that respect deserves more than #10.
Next is "Appetite For Destruction", which was the debut of the hard rock band "Guns N Roses". While it is one of the most successful debut albums ever, it didn't really show off very meaningful lyrical use at all, or even well-written and complex instrumentals while Axl Rose was singing. It was hard hitting of the instruments when he's singing, then Slash murders the guitar (very impressively, might I add). Their complexity wasn't really established until "November Rain", which sadly was on a dud album in my opinion, "Use Your Illusion I". Of course, it's my opinion, a lot of people like this band.
Finally, we have "OK Computer", the album that sits at #12. In my opinion, this is the most important album to what's going on in rock right now. My reason is because of it created two different types of music, not even at the same time or even on the same album. You'll understand what I mean. It created the complex, sophisticated yet rocking sound of "OK Computer" we all know of now, and was probably the moment that the 90s finally got out of Nirvana's shadow and was revived after Kurt Cobain's death. It then opened up the success and confidence for "Kid A", which sculpted out the other type of music I was talking about. That weird electronic rock and synth-inspired haunting feel that countless bands are still trying to replicate right now. So, I like how we're giving it the credit it deserves at the moment, for it says that were are thankful for what Radiohead has given us, but still put the classics ahead.
Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed reading my opinion on the list.