Abbey Road - The Beatles


Fall Out Boy and Five's Greates Hits before this work of genius? Can't believe it, this is a masterpiece and should easily be in top 10! - elin_m

A remarkable compilation of interesting stories and tales put to equally interesting music

Golden Slumbers, Carry that Weight and The End make this album the greatest of all time. Something is the best love song in history and you get to see George Harrison at his best on the Beatles. Lennon does some of his best songs with Come Together and I Want You. Of course you can't forget good old Ringo who sang Octopus' Garden. Then you have the mastermind behind the entire album, Paul McCartney

From George Harrison's best Beatles work; Something and Here Comes The Sun, to John's rocking Come Together and I Want You (She's So Heavy) and climaxing with the incredible Paul-orchestrated 2nd side medley, even Ringo turns up with a great song in Octopus's Garden. This is the final masterpiece of the most famous band in history, at their peak and (despite the tenuous relationships) their most cohesive, a truly magnificent piece of work.

Just, like Dark Side of the Moon, an incredibly original collection of music put together in a way that hasn't been done since. The genius of Lennon and McCartney is never more apparent than on this album. You have songs ranging from 23 seconds long to seven minutes long. You have snippets of songs played almost like a break between other songs. And somehow, it all fits and isn't even confusing. Just brilliant.

Sgt. Pepper is considered their greatest masterpiece, but for me Abbey Road is The greatest album of the band. With fantastic songs like Come Together, Something, Here Comes The Sun, I Want You (She's So Heavy) and the Abbey Road Medley, there is no doubt about that the album is just amazing, with an amazing structure, the album also shows the end of the greatest band of all times! - FariamixD

Absolutely the finest work of music ever recorded into an album. Just amazing! I could listen to Side 2 of the vinyl over and over and over again and never tire of it. It has been out for over 45 years now and it just gets better and better with time. If you haven't listened to it, please do yourself a favor and listen...TODAY!

The thing that stands out to me about this album is that there is none like it. The styles run the gamut from the drawn-out ending of "She's So Heavy" to the quick grouping of Sun King, Mean Mr. Mustard, Polythene Pam, and Bathroom Window in about the same time period. It has two great Harrison compositions. It has a 23-second song. Songs have tender vocals, gorgeous harmonies, and yet some great rough vocals, too (Oh Darling, Come Together). Very complete album.

A brilliant album, the songs are so tightly well constructed and musically the band are the best they've ever been. - ConaghJMurphy

The medley at the end of the album makes this stand out from the rest. The pinnacle of the Beatles genius and therefore the greatest album of all time. Although, Dark Side of the Moon, Who's Next, Led Zeppelin IV, Nevermind, What's the Story Morning Glory, Appetite for Destruction all up their. Billy Joel's The Stranger is currently criminally underrated at 72 on this list.

Well you probably won't like what I say, but I feel Exile on Main Street is extremely underrated on this list (somewhere in the forties, probably top 5 or top 7). Also the Kinks need to be higher on this list (but lack of popularity won't allow that). - ZackStarsky

Well you probably won't like what I say, but I feel Exile on Main Street is extremely underrated on this list (somewhere in the forties, probably top 5 or top 7). Also the Kinks need to be higher on this list (but lack of popularity won't allow that). - ZackStarsky

Abbey road is one of the most famous albums to ever be made. The ending to a legacy after being the last recorded by four boys from Liverpool. Every song is awesome and it flows together well (not as well as SPLHCB) but still this is one if not the album to define the best group to walk the earth. By the way, how the hell is linkin park no.8 in front of The Wall?

No Doubt for me, this is the most inventive album of the Beatles with the fantastic Medley of Lennon/McCartney finishing with the famous words The Love you take is equal to the love you make (By Paul).

Without a shadow of a doubt the pinnacle of human musical achievement. This album isn't solely a bunch of fantastic songs put on a record, but a tapestry of sound merging together to form something that has transcended all music since. This is the world's greatest band's greatest album. Heck, even Ringo's 'Octopus' garden' is a cracker...

I'm glad to see all the praises for Something and Here Comes the Sun - two of my favorite Beatle songs. Those two pieces, along with the medley, make the album. Quite possibly the most flawless side 2 of any album ever. That medley contains the most beautiful sounds ever recorded by anybody or anything.

My favourite band of all time and one of my favourite albums of all time. The Beatles forever! I love the second half of this album as equally as the first! Long live the Beatles!

Abbey Road should not be on this list. It should be separate from all other albums. There are few albums that are a complete masterpiece. Abbey Road is perfection!

How can you compare any album to this masterpiece? Dark side of the moon is great, but half of it you enjoy after LSD. This is clearly best album of all time

I love this album! Each song is really good! Well that goes for every Beatles song! John, Paul, George, and Ringo are amazing! Peace and Love!

Indisputably the Beatles are the greatest act in Musical history. Only question is which album to rank highest. Tough one, but Abbey Road is faultless.

Actually its equally throned with Legend of zelda - ocarina of time. (Legendary game) A legendary achievement in music so far.

This Album is all class. Here comes the Sun is my all time favorite song and there are many other songs that are classic.

As much as I like The Dark Side of The Moon, most of that album is just a glorified rip-off of the second half of Abbey Road.

This is the top absolutely. All Beatles playing at their best, with a little (fundamental) help from George Martin.

The greatest album by far from Something to I want you to maxwells silver hammer amazing and diverse

Half of the songs are drivel, but no album's production has ever sounded cleaner and more refined. - marmalade_skies