Ok Computer - Radiohead


That part in "Let Down" where Thom sings "you'll know where you are, you'll know where you are" is the something you'll never hear ever again, it's the most aesthetically pleasing piece of music of all time. Combined with some of the most phenomenal tracks ever like Paranoid Android and Karma Police. This album is orgasmic. OK Computer is to my ears, mind and soul what a blowjob is to my penis. How can something so depressing be so beautiful? It's like the band is planting pretty flowers on the graves of my happiness and idealism and embracing my depression, misery and mental illnesses. This album is God's gift to us poor souls. It actually helped me through my hardest times and prevented me from ending it all.

84, really? OK Computer was a game changer in music. The album is fantastic in the fact that it has zero bad songs, and every song makes and impact and tells a story. This is where Radiohead transformed from a great, creative rock band, to one of the most important, talented, and influential bands of all time. In no way should it be lurking down here in 84.

This is not a conventional rock album, it's better than that. Imagine Pet Sounds/Sgt Pepper written by 90s Nihilists and you're in the ball park. This album is as relevant today as it was when it was released, this album has a bit of everything from the insanity of Paranoid Android/Climbing up the walls to the beauty of Lucky/No Surprises/Exit Music. This album creates a mood better than any other album I have ever owned/listened to.

Amen Brothers! OK Computer is great. I love how Linkin Park and Coldplay are on this list. Look all you modern fools, Linkin probably wouldn't be around without Radiohead and Coldplay is almost a copy of Radiohead themselves. OK Computer spawns "Paranoid Android" "No Surprises" "Karma Police" "Let Down" "Lucky" and "Electioneering". This is one of the best and I seriously cannot believe that its at 36. VOTE THIS UP!

This isn't NEARLY as close as Sgt. Pepper, and there will never be another Sgt. Pepper or another album equivalent to it ever again in music history. They even copied off of a Beatles song on this album! Listen to Karma Police and then listen to Sexy Sadie by The Beatles! Sure, it's better than pop and rap by a long shot, but nothing can beat Sgt Pepper of Dark Side of the Moon

I just bought this album, and it is one of the best things to ever reach my ears, it's so trippy yet beautiful, plus the blend of different instruments makes it even better. If you want something different then mainstream pop, OK Computer is for you.

Nobody has made an album with the stature of this one. So many kinds of music on the album, some that didn't exist before OK Computer (Uh, what is "Climbing Up The Walls? "). The time signatures change a lot, because sometimes 4/4 is to normal. Sometimes you have to bend the rules to make a great album.

Radiohead weren't my favorite band, I even hated them, but then I listened to this album and my mind was blown by its unique sound and interesting compositions, it sounds like The Beatles and Pink Floyd mixed together yet it's so original, that's why I think that it's the best album ever. - IronMaidenFan666

The fact that Green Day AND Linkin Park are each in the top ten indicates that the voters here are the most uneducated buffoons ever. This album is a true masterpiece, widely recognized as THE album of it's time, clearly not on this website -_-

Just seeing Thriller in the #1 avoid me from taking seriously this list, however, and it was already said, OK Computer is one the best albums of all time, and seeing it in such a bad position hurts a little bit. (Oh, and where the heck is Kid A? )

This album began the modern age, not just in music, but in society and culture itself. Songs like Electioneering and Karma Police make you view the world in a completely different way. Just utterly beautiful in everyway.

It's one of those albums that, the first time you hear it, you fell in love with it, and you know it has quality and sound unlike any other music in the world. It's so unique that you think this album comes as a different genre.

One of 3 Radiohead masterpieces; the others being Kid A and In Rainbows. A marker for how far guitar music can go, both emotively and sonically. This should be on any list of great albums.

One of the better things to come out of the 90s, it absolutely took popular music by storm even if no one realized it.

After all, bands like Coldplay made an ENTIRE career out of the second half of Karma Police.

Perfect example of "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." Should really be in the top five for its sheer genius.

Radiohead... TO BE DISCOVERED! - iTunesJunky

Ok computer definitely is the best album ever recorded, its just an out world like experience, definitely should be at the top

How is this not in the top ten? From start to finish, every song is not just memorable, but makes you think.

Pop Music Sucks But This Album Never Gets Old. I'm 14 And I've Been Listening To The Tracks Of This Album Since I Was 5 With My Father. And IT Still Sounds Fresh Every time I Listen To It

You must listen to this album before you die. It has truly changed my life and they way I think about it.

The most innovative and motivating album of all time, and it gets better over the years each year I listen to it, it seems a whole new and better experience than the last year.

How is this not in the top 10? Heavenly voice, haunting melodies and powerful lyrics... Chills, from the very beginning until the very end of the album.

This whole album just blew me away. Maybe your first listen won't kick, but if you just give it a few shots you might just get hooked to this album

Best album ever simply, no other album even comes close. Songs like Karma Police, Paranoid Android or Let Down are simply too good to be 14...

The people who voted for lady gaga over radiohead should lie down in a dark room and listen to Ok Computer in its entirety because it will change their life.