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221 Homogenic - Bjork Homogenic - Bjork

What?! This is considered to be one of the best albums of all time by one of the best artists! Have people already forgotten Björk?

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222 The Clash - The Clash The Clash - The Clash

Equally defining Punk like 'Never mind the Bollocks' and should be on par with it.

I tried to listen to this as is very prayed here and there. what. Its absolute dull and untalented. Any bar singer can do such songs with zero efforts. I'm serious. I come with great expectations but received a disgusting garbage.

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223 Clockwork Angels - Rush Clockwork Angels - Rush
224 Meddle - Pink Floyd Meddle - Pink Floyd

This underrated album was the first truly great work by Pink Floyd. It should have been their first multi-million seller. The epic 23-minute "Echoes" on side 2 and the catchy shorter songs on side 1 all showcased the band's spacey experimentation, originality, and skilled musicianship.

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225 Bonded by Blood - Exodus Bonded by Blood - Exodus
226 Knock Madness - Hopsin Knock Madness - Hopsin
227 Amaryllis - Shinedown Amaryllis - Shinedown
228 Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden
229 Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness - Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness - Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
230 An Evening With John Denver - John Denver An Evening With John Denver - John Denver
231 Hang On Little Tomato - Pink Martini Hang On Little Tomato - Pink Martini
232 Afraid of Heights - Wavves Afraid of Heights - Wavves
233 Mind Funk - Mind Funk Mind Funk - Mind Funk
234 Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables - Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables - Dead Kennedys

Ground-breaking album for US-Punk, Punk and Hardcore-Punk. Every track is brilliant and some, like 'Kill the Poor', 'Holiday in Cambodia' and 'California uber alles' are pure masterpieces. Should be in Top 20, at least.

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235 The Bodyguard - Whitney Houston The Bodyguard - Whitney Houston

This is the ultimate of all albums. Who can forget the song "I will always love you"

oh wow! what an album! Whitney Houston the voice!! every single song on this album is a masterpiece! No oter album can beat it! what an achievment! Fantastic album to match a fantastic film!

The BEST ALBUM of all time with the BEST VOICE of all time - the one and only Whitney Houston!!!

Best-selling soundtrack ever plus brilliant Whitney's voice. I'm sure, this album will be popular in 2050 and 3000 too - Irina2932

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236 Enema Of The State - Blink-182 Enema Of The State - Blink-182

"Dumpweed" is a fantastic intro. "Anthem" is a fantastic outro. Fantastic singles like "All the Small Things", "Adam's Song", and "What's My Age Again? ". And Really amazing tracks like "Aliens Exist" and "Dysentery Gary". Basically, the most genius album of all time.

This album re-ignited the pop-punk genre in the late 90's and also punk to some extent... This album has given some of the greatest song that's gold-worthy to be listened like Adam's song, All the Small Things, What's My Age Again... And so it goes on...

This album is the best ever, no bad songs could listen to it for days at a time without being sick. Came out at the perfect time, I miss that genre so much, what is wrong with music nowadays.

This album revolutionized the pop punk genre...without this, there'd be no panic! at the disco or fall out boy, etc...DEF AWESOME AND A FUN ALBUM!!!

237 Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morissette

How is this at number 79? It was one of the best selling albums EVER.

My favorite albem ever! I love every song, Alanis is so awesome! - jescafish

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238 Hysteria - Def Leppard Hysteria -  Def Leppard

The Beatles, Stones, the Who, Zeppelin, and Floyd albums deserve their respective places on this list because of their great song writing and backing music. They all stand alone but on the next level a band like definitely Leppard leads the charge. They had several great albums, led by Hysteria, an album that has been underrated due to it's connection to the hair band era. It had six hit singles and the fillers were nearly as good. How many albums out there can you say that about? This should be at least a top 75 album.

One of the Staples of 80's Rock. Def Leppard Blew down the doors in 87 with this album. For a while they were the biggest band in the world.

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239 Recovery - Eminem Recovery - Eminem

All songs bang on! Eminem at his best after marshall mathers LP

After Relapse, Its Hard not to call this album a Comeback. You can listen to this album and not skip a single song!

How this album was not in this list.
This is a masterpiece from the the "RAP GOD" Eminem

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240 Black Holes and Revalations - Muse Black Holes and Revalations - Muse

Real good album if you asked me there buddy, I swear to ya buddy, If I ever saw the guy who decided to not vote for black holes and revelations, I'd slap him right in the patella buddy. Oh I swear to ya, If I ever met a man who didn't think this album is the best of all time, I'd shoot him right in the aorta if you know what I mean buddy.

Aww... COME'ON MUSERS! This is the BEST ALBUM EVER! Need some cooperation here... *waiting*.. "Why, why, why"..

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