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241 Until We Have Faces - Red

The top 200 and not one reality show freak! Wish every list was like this.

242 Ultra Beatdown - Dragonforce
243 The 2nd Law - Muse
244 Black Celebration - Depeche Mode
245 The Very Best of the Jam - The Jam
246 Lost Forever // Lost Together - Architects
247 Spilt Milk - Jellyfish
248 The Connection - Papa Roach
249 New! Improved! - Blue Cheer
250 The Lonesome Crowded West - Modest Mouse
251 The Blueprint - Jay-Z
252 Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac

Rhiannon. That's all you need to make a spectacular album. Of course, all of the tracks on this one are great.

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253 The Odyssey - Symphony X
254 Reign In Blood - Slayer

I'm not even into Heavy Metal, but I can still recognize the importance of this album, as being most influential for creating sub-genres like Speed Metal. Deserves to be higher.

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255 City of Evil - Avenged Sevenfold

Has some of my favourite songs from my favourite band with some of the best drumming and guitar they've played a7x foREVer

Every song on this album is enough for the top spot. It has been extremely underrated by this poll, it seems no one has properly functioning ears.

This album almost make me like a beast! This album just like the symbol of "GO TO DEATH"

I'm not into Pink Floyd, it's good, I just don't like it, this is my favorite band ever. - EliHbk

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256 Mars - Gackt

The best album of all! Even though every album of Gackt is absolutely awesome. His voice is so full of emotions that you will get gosebumps everytime you here him sing... Also his variety of songs is incredible wide... his ballads are as wonderful as his rock songs.

This is a great gackt album... I love it... 'cause he is a great singer... I love him so much, he always moves us with his songs, in particular with this album

ohh mars is a great album. gackt is great singer. he is perfect.

Amaing album! I will never get tired of gackts music or x Japans music and l'arc en ciel! ~ they know real music!

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257 Moving Pictures - Rush

This album is a masterpiece, every track blows. Rush at its best.

Perfection-my favorite album of all time.

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258 Sheer Heart Attack - Queen

An album that preceeded the greatest band in the world's greatest album, a night at the opera. This album encompasses every genre that rock and roll truly is. "Stone Cold Crazy" has gotta be the greatest metal song ever written, and it was the first of its time. Queen's musical genious and arena rock domination started with this classic album.

Great from beginning to end. No duds as there are on other Queen albums (even though one admires taking chances).

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259 Slipknot - Slipknot

their self titled album is there best so far, even though it was there first

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260 Astral Weeks - Van Morrison

A stunning album which deserves a much higher ranking.It's my number 1.

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