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261 Still Life - Opeth
262 The Connection - Papa Roach
263 Around the Fur - Deftones
264 New! Improved! - Blue Cheer
265 A Promise - Xiu Xiu
266 The Blueprint - Jay-Z
267 Notorious B.I.G.'s Greatest Hits - Notorious B.I.G. V 1 Comment
268 Axis: Bold as Love - Jimi Hendrix
269 Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac

Rhiannon. That's all you need to make a spectacular album. Of course, all of the tracks on this one are great.

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270 Avalon - Roxy Music
271 The Odyssey - Symphony X
272 I Am...Sasha Fierce - Beyonce

Beyonce sasha fierce album is the album that really made her become the celebrity she is today that album and the single ladies put a ring on it music video made her a international superstar today she is a triple threat she set the bar so high no other female artist can't compete with her and I think it will be that way for awhile especially she is a beautiful woman with sexy great Dance moves.

Study show that reading the comments on a Beyonce/Rihanna/Justin Bieber thread can give you brain cancer.

This album is a masterpiece, and it sickens me that it is 224th.

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273 21 - Adele

There has only ever been few albums that have made even the slightest impression on me, and even fewer that I liked every single song in the album. And, in my honest opinion, Adele's 21 surpasses all.

First, her voice. I don't know what people have against her, or what they think of her, but her voice is incredible. She brings good music back into the modern century- much better than this rapping stuff, anyways. Her voice is like the soul of you, vibrating every moment, and rushes through your body like a tsunami.

Her beat is perfect (Note: Just listen to Rumor Has It) and is almost as vibrating as her awesome voice. Her lyrics actually make you feel as if she felt that pain (she did) unlike those emotionless liars in music biz these days.

Her lyrics are catchy, hit you at the right note, and match up. What's important about "matching up"? Glad you asked. You actually have to rhyme and make the song match the title and emotion you're displaying- I know, shocker! ...more

I like her music her lyrics makes a lot of sense if you just listen to the words.

Number 167 and still overrated.

See menowin

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274 Becoming - Sarah Geronimo

"Oh Sarah! I love your album so much! Oh Yeah, Sarah! Why are you so wonderful? You're just too cool for us! "

Who is this intruder and why is she 15? - keyson

Random asian girl... - malamJONES

I actually have no idea who this person is. - IronSabbathPriest

I love all sarah g album... Please those really want to know what I mean try to buy one

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275 Sheer Heart Attack - Queen

An album that preceeded the greatest band in the world's greatest album, a night at the opera. This album encompasses every genre that rock and roll truly is. "Stone Cold Crazy" has gotta be the greatest metal song ever written, and it was the first of its time. Queen's musical genious and arena rock domination started with this classic album.

Great from beginning to end. No duds as there are on other Queen albums (even though one admires taking chances).

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276 Slipknot - Slipknot

their self titled album is there best so far, even though it was there first

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277 Moving Pictures - Rush

This album is a masterpiece, every track blows. Rush at its best.

Perfection-my favorite album of all time.

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278 The Downward Spiral - Nine Inch Nails

Beautiful, complex and honest. Trent Reznor's best and most tragic work. Not the right sound to resonate with the masses but just right for the disenfranchised or depressed. Must have listened to it 100 times by now and still in complete awe. Musically it's brilliantly layered and lyrically it's cathartic. Most importantly the coherence of the album makes its concept work all the better, allowing the listener to identify with the protagonist and follow him on his decent into nihilism and suicide. If you haven't listened to this album please do! You may find you love it even more than me.

This brought them to success. Greatest metal album of all time.

I think from a musical and a technical standpoint it is extraordinary but the lyrics can truely resonate with people in their darkest times.

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279 Astral Weeks - Van Morrison

A stunning album which deserves a much higher ranking.It's my number 1.

280 Chronic: 2001 - Dr Dre

My brother looks like Eminem and loves forgot about dre

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