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281 Sonic Firestorm - Dragonforce
282 Up! - Shania Twain
283 Scripted - Icon for Hire
284 Z - My Morning Jacket
285 Into A Secret Land - Sandra
286 Violator - Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode was and is one of the most influential bands of all time, and with this album they reached their highest peak. Dave Gahan sang Personal Jesus like lost in the desert of his own consciousness, like a faithless plea of salvation and forgiveness, so deliciously alien, yet so familiar, that you felt the lyric of Martin L. Gore penetrating your very soul, I could go deeper and deeper on every song, as they're as good as Jesus, but there's a lack of space and time, so I'll just close by saying: Listen to it, you won't regret it.

Simply the best. That's all there's to say. Listen to it and you won't regret it. Ever

287 Hysteria - Def Leppard

The Beatles, Stones, the Who, Zeppelin, and Floyd albums deserve their respective places on this list because of their great song writing and backing music. They all stand alone but on the next level a band like definitely Leppard leads the charge. They had several great albums, led by Hysteria, an album that has been underrated due to it's connection to the hair band era. It had six hit singles and the fillers were nearly as good. How many albums out there can you say that about? This should be at least a top 75 album.

One of the Staples of 80's Rock. Def Leppard Blew down the doors in 87 with this album. For a while they were the biggest band in the world.

This album should take the place of Pet Sounds at the top and Pet Sounds should be way down here where Def Leppard is. - frankmartin

Definitely deserves top 10.

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288 Legend - Bob Marley

I love this album, but compilations have always an obvious advantage, picking the artist's best songs. Should be in separate list 'Best Compilations'.

Why is a Hollywood Unread album higher? - 445956

289 Out of the Blue - Electric Light Orchestra

A revelation when it was first released, concerto for a rainy day stills sends shivers down my spine, nearly thirty years on

This album should be up there with The Beatles and Pink Floyd. Very melodic, well produced, timeless, - frankmartin

All of their good songs are on it. Worth listening to

This would be ELO's magnum opus, a Beatle's Abbey Road or Sgt. Pepper. Seventeen creations being the work of one man. A good many of the top listed albums had more than one writer. Songs like Mr. Blue Sky, Sweet Talking' Woman, Turn To Stone... - frankmartin

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290 Absolution - Muse

Time is Running Out, Hysteria, Stockholm Syndrome, Sing for Absolution, Fury, and Bitterflies and Hurricanes - they're just my favourites. - LaurenLauren

Best album ever by Muse and until I'm convinced otherwise, the best album ever. Every single song on this album sounds fantastic from Apocalyse Please to Fury (the bonus track).

291 Sign 'O' the Times - Prince

Sign O The Times, you Got The Look, Adore, Housequake, If I Was Your Girlfriend, Hot Thing, I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man, Strange Relationship, The Cross. Some of the best of Prince

292 Believe - Justin Bieber

Beiber, he belongs in the kiddie pop section and that would be two sections over and all the way to the back of the list. - frankmartin

What is Justin Bieber doing here?

It shuld be be on top list. Sweetest album, and all songs are hearable. Deserves more

Ew pop music - Disturbedpotato

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293 Get Rich or Die Tryin' - 50 Cent

Released for only a few years ago and is already a classic!

One of the best albums I've ever heard. It is 8x platinum and one of the best rap albums. Singles Like In the Club make it a success. Other songs like : 21 Questions, P.I.M.P, Many Men, Patiently Waiting, And What up gangsta are great

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294 Rising - Rainbow

The Blackmore-Dio-Powell axis at their creative peak. Legendary music. - Matt74

295 Reckless - Bryan Adams

FANTASTIC Album by a FANTASTIC singer. - jessiebrownx

One of the best pop rock albums of the 1980s and made even better by seven extra tracks on the deluxe reissue. - frankmartin

296 Blonde - Frank Ocean

This album is ridiculously immense, the production is A1, frank's delivery and progression on almost all of the tracks is brilliant and his diversity in the album, not veering to a generic RnB album littered with radio hits instead experimenting with songs such as Nikes, Close To You, Good Guy and Pretty Sweet, makes this undeniably the most promising album of 2016 living up to and surpassing its esteemed expectations

297 Dangerous - Michael Jackson

Its Michael jackson and what more do you need? Give into me, who is it, remember the time, dangerous! Greatest songs of the 90s. Anybody who can be discreet enough to see through an artist with his art will love this classic album

Always the king of pop

So what happened to this album? It got forgotten because MJ fans all wanted Thriller. - frankmartin

Michael Jackson en estado puro.

298 Dreaming Out Loud - OneRepublic

Dreaming Out Loud is probably my favorite album from OneRepublic. This album has incredible songs like Say (All I Need), Mercy, Stop And Stare, Apologize, and so much more. I cannot believe crap like the Carter and Bangerz is ahead of amazing stuff like Dreaming Out Loud. You people don't know real music, and the proof is that Dreaming Out Loud is at 880. GET THIS HIGHER!

299 Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses - Slipknot
300 Sea Change - Beck
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