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341 Bangerz - Miley Cyrus
342 Ultra Beatdown - Dragonforce
343 Alone In the Night - The Only Ones
344 Laughing Stock - Talk Talk
345 Jungle - Jungle
346 .5: The Gray Chapter - Slipknot
347 Colors - Between the Buried and Me
348 The Original Human Being - Blue Cheer
349 Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 2 - Helloween
350 Adema - Adema
351 Raymond v. Raymond - Usher
352 Curtis - 50 Cent
353 Jump Up Calypso - Harry Belafonte
354 Among the Living - Anthrax
355 Nothing But the Beat 2.0 - David Guetta
356 Magic - Bruce Springsteen
357 The Strange Case Of... - Halestorm
358 The Joshua Tree - U2

Every single song in this album has a deep meaning embodied in itself. It is probably the best album of the greatest mellow rock band and U2's class is reflected in this piece of musical art. I on behalf of all U2 fans across the globe salute these legends who are responsible to bestow us peace of mind and satisfaction of soul

Look honestly this album should be in the top 10. Aside from the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and maybe Pink Floyd or the Stones, U2 is the greatest band, and aside from Achtung Baby, this is the greatest album. The Joshua Tree is full of lyrics that touch your soul in ways others simply don't. This album will understand you more than you understand you.

The greatest alum ever,where else would you find some of the greatest songs ever...This would pass as a best of album for any other band in the world.

Should be top 10

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359 Enema Of The State - Blink-182

"Dumpweed" is a fantastic intro. "Anthem" is a fantastic outro. Fantastic singles like "All the Small Things", "Adam's Song", and "What's My Age Again? ". And Really amazing tracks like "Aliens Exist" and "Dysentery Gary". Basically, the most genius album of all time.

This album re-ignited the pop-punk genre in the late 90's and also punk to some extent... This album has given some of the greatest song that's gold-worthy to be listened like Adam's song, All the Small Things, What's My Age Again... And so it goes on...

This album is the best ever, no bad songs could listen to it for days at a time without being sick. Came out at the perfect time, I miss that genre so much, what is wrong with music nowadays.

This album revolutionized the pop punk genre...without this, there'd be no panic! at the disco or fall out boy, etc...DEF AWESOME AND A FUN ALBUM!!!

360 Stripped - Christina Aguilera

All genre in here and very deep meaning in the lyrics, and christina so amazing in the albums, I hope you vote for this albums "greatest albums all of times"

One of the most inspiring albums of all time, I am in love with it

53! Most talented female of all time

Legend, her voice is unique.

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