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401 Let It Be - The Replacements

Songs that can make laugh and cry.

402 The Dream - In This Moment
403 Wayah - Amr Diab

The best all the time

Amr Diab the best

No thing but amr diab best in every thing

The best album ♥ ♥

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404 From Under the Cork Tree - Fall Out Boy

SremmLife is above this, I'm dying. - ProPanda

405 A Trick of the Tail - Genesis

Fantastic album. My favorite of the Phil Collins-Genesis era. It blew people away that Genesis was this good AFTER Peter Gabriel left. "Dance On A Volcano" alone is worth the price of admission - what an phenomenal tune. Heard it accompanying a Laserium light show in London and was transfixed. Great album from a great band.

406 The '59 Sound - The Gaslight Anthem

This album is an auditory representation of my youth.

407 Off the Wall - Michael Jackson

This is one if the greatest pop albums ever made... This was real beginning of the phenomenon called. MJ.. It is great disco tracks which is timeless...

408 Achtung Baby - U2

This is just an opinion. Gotta agree, Dark Side Of the Moon or OK Computer, one of these two desevres to be on top spot. Both great Albums, favourites of mine too. But Achtung Baby is without a question the best Album of all time for me. U2 was the band that introduced me to good Music when I was 13 and I've experienced a lot of Music since this Point and of course I'm still looking for more, but no Album flashed me like Achtung Baby. Simply a game changer for U2. Some People might say, the classic U2 tune would be Joshua Tree (also great in my humble opinion). But Achtung Baby just was extremely experimental. Everything was different. The industrial drums at the beginning of Zoo Station. Until the End of the World. The Fly. Acrobat. Mysterious Ways. Ultra Violet. Love Is Blindness. And within all these experiments: One - one of the greatest tracks ever written. Bonos great voice, Edges varied guitar and the lyrics. Objectively, it's not the best of all time but every one should give ...more

YOU TAKE ME HIGHER! Please, I deserve to be higher :'(

Should be at least in the top 50 of this list

Should be at least in the top 40 - Jiorl

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409 Loveless - My Bloody Valentine

I'm sad and I listen to Loveless every night

#419 is just a disgrace. Top 5 of all time for me, pretty much pioneered a genre.

This should be higher... it needs to be top ten for sure. a classic

410 Your Favorite Weapon - Brand New
411 Kind of Blue - Miles Davis

I have listen to many albums and this is the only one I have listen to that is perfection all the way through. It takes time to write and compose music as good as this I only wish people understood that it's a shame it is all the way back at #774 because most people don't understand the technically of jazz music

Greatest Jazz album ever, it's a shame it's all the way back here. Musics better than half the top ten albums.

Greatest jazz album ever, anyone?

768? 6 Places behind "Britney" from Britney Spears and 18 places behind "The Carter II" from Lil Wayne? It has to be a joke, for me it's #4.

It's THE jazz standard and circa 75 percent of reviewers name this album the best of his genre (the best of jazz, not only modal jazz). You know, jazz, the genre popular music of today started with. ALL music magazines rate this album with the best grade possible (5/5, 10/10, A+ or 100%).

This album is to find in nearly EVERY music collections, even if the collector doesn't even like jazz.

Listen to it, it's compressed geniality, it's no music you can hear while you do something else, concentrate on the tones and be slowly introduced into the wonderful world of jazz.

In a few days you brain will say: Hey, listen to it again! Like a addicted, you will listen to it again and you will understand this masterpiece more and more. With every time you listen to this it will become greater!

As an atheist, I can tell you: ...more

412 Disintegration - The Cure

What? 696? This is one of the best albums in existence needs to be in the top 10 immediately

Even South Park said it was the best album ever! And it is - KingFab

The Cure is just awesome. Kyle was right.

This is the best album ever created

413 St. Anger - Metallica

Hahaaa lol I don't know why this was so funny

414 Highway To Hell - AC/DC

Ya ACDC all the way! they have so much energy and great stage presence

I know these ranks aren't to be taken seriously, but the fact that the first AC/DC album in this list appears in the 394th position and it is Highway to Hell (which in my opinion is one of their best albums, but not the best) reveals more than what I wanted to know about nowadays "tastes", quality, direction and near-future destination music is makes me sad, but when Adele -21 is ranked 1rst in Billboard "Greatest of all Time - Billboard 200 albums", a soundtrack is ranked 2nd and Taylor Swift is ranked 4th, I guess it's only natural...sad, but natural. - JonhyBot


415 Daydream - Mariah Carey

this album paved way for pop-hip hop collborations with just the remix of fantasy. it also paved the way for rnb artists like destiny's child etc. - lilvsinhala

This album should be #1. It's one of the most influential albums ever! This was Mariah's career peak. I can listen to this album all the way through without skipping a song. It's a classic! The best feamle album ever! It paved the way for so many music artists!

416 Take Off Your Pants & Jacket - Blink 182
417 Inhuman Rampage - DragonForce

Basically best album in the world. You should defffinitely check it out if you haven't already.

418 Confessions On A Dance Floor - Madonna
419 Wheel of Time - Sandra
420 Rio - Duran Duran

This album is very close to perfection

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