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101 Comfort Eagle - Cake
102 Smile - The Beach Boys

So what is the deal with Pet Sounds anyway? It's like people are in a trance with that album. I've listened to it several times and I like a few songs but the rest just reminds me of lullaby's for babies. The thing about albums is that the ones people rave about all the time aren't always that special. Some of the best are the ones that not as many people know about, they didn't get the recognition, sales and hype. I've never listened to Smile but it might be way better than Pet Sounds. - frankmartin

I think this is better than pet sounds, but I don't think many people have listened to it - RecklessGreed

103 Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits

Still way too low, another one that should have been in Rolling Stone's 100 best as well.

Love this album 9 sellout out concerts in perth wa on the back off brothers in arms tour near on 100'000 people great concert

Greatest album of all time for me. Definitely belongs in the top 50. If not, it must be higher.

What an album! Should easily be in top 20. So many amazing songs:

- Brothers in arms
- Money for nothing
- Walk of life
- So far away
- Your latest trick - SSchirm

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104 Dirt - Alice In Chains

In terms of sheer heaviness, there aren't many album I have heard that are darker, moodier, heavier, and more emotional than this. Every song is a masterpiece. Key tracks: Rooster, Down In a Hole, Would? , Them Bones, Rain When I Die

Arguably the most influential rock band of the 90's. Every song sang by Layne Staley is a thing of beauty.

Viewing the album as a whole, I actually think Dirt is better than most of the Nirvana albums.

In my opinion, Alice in Chains are more musically influential then Nirvana, how many bands take Nirvanas sound and just add a slightly different vocalist, none that I can name, but Alice in Chains has Godsmack, KoRn, and 75% of 2000s metal bands.

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105 All Eyez on Me - 2Pac

"The Only One Scared Of Death Is The One That Didn't Contribute Enough In Life"-Makaveli The Don Killuminati - MAKAVELIthedon

Every single track was amazing and diverse in nature. It has a lot of top songs which defined Tupac's career

This is one of the greatest rap albums of all time by one of the greatest rappers who touched the mic. His lyrics were very deep, he brought emotion to hip hop and at the same time was a thug raised by the streets. He was a true inspiration! The greatest rapper of all time! Rest in peace Tupac!

First Double Disc Album in hip hop history, certified Diamond, and with Singles like How do you Want it and the smashing hit California Love how can it not be great. It should be in the top 50 or at least in the top 100. Other songs on this album are great too like : Ambitionz az a ridah, All bout u, 2 of Americkas most wanted, Only God Can Judge Me, Picture me Rollin', All Eyez on me,

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106 Deep Purple - Machine Head

The list is leaning more to the pop side than anything else so rock really doesn't feature that many classic albums. This would be way up there on a classic rock album list. - frankmartin

What the matter people? Number 206? Machine Head has to be up there with Zeppelin 4 and Sabbath's Paranoid. The three albums are the triple crown of heavy rock in the 70's.
This album has everything a Rock&Roll lover need. Just listen to it one more...

Certainly this has to be one of top 5 hard rock albums of all time.

DP = Department of Pure excellency

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107 A Moon Shaped Pool - Radiohead

If you have cloth ears, then this will clear the problem.

I like all Radiohead reckords but this is definitely one of their better ones

108 Fear of the Dark - Iron Maiden
109 Modern Vampires of the City - Vampire Weekend
110 21 - Adele

There has only ever been few albums that have made even the slightest impression on me, and even fewer that I liked every single song in the album. And, in my honest opinion, Adele's 21 surpasses all.

First, her voice. I don't know what people have against her, or what they think of her, but her voice is incredible. She brings good music back into the modern century- much better than this rapping stuff, anyways. Her voice is like the soul of you, vibrating every moment, and rushes through your body like a tsunami.

Her beat is perfect (Note: Just listen to Rumor Has It) and is almost as vibrating as her awesome voice. Her lyrics actually make you feel as if she felt that pain (she did) unlike those emotionless liars in music biz these days.

Her lyrics are catchy, hit you at the right note, and match up. What's important about "matching up"? Glad you asked. You actually have to rhyme and make the song match the title and emotion you're displaying- I know, shocker! ...more

The lyrics on this album...oh my god, they are so well written. Look at the lyrics, production, and instrumentation of both "Set Fire to the Rain" and "Rolling in the Deep". "Someone Like You" is also a nice and pretty ballad, and "Rumour Has It" is catchy and badass. Adele is awesome. - DCfnaf

I like her music her lyrics makes a lot of sense if you just listen to the words.

See menowin

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111 Images and Words - Dream Theater

oh comon! who's above this? 30 seconds to mars? Christina Aguilera? Leona Lewis??? please! anyone who has listened to the likes of Under a Glass Moon, Pull Me Under, Metropolis Pt. 1; the Miracle and the sleeper or Take the Time (all amazingly off one album - this one) will know that this deserves to be higher! - thunder2221

It inspired all modern prog metal- arguably the most-played type of metal by all modern metal bands with a record deal. A perfectly put together album; perfect contrast with heavy, light and different emotions. Best album ever.

Go vote for Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory, it's currently number 426

112 X&Y - Coldplay

Oh my gosh this album has so many amazing songs! I love it and I love Coldplay! They make fantastic music and this is my favorite album from them! You get amazing songs like Square One, What If, White Shadows, Fix You, Talk, X & Y, Speed of Sound, A Message, Low, The Hardest Part, Swallowed in the Sea, Twisted Logic (which is my favorite song on this album), and 'Til Kingdom Come. X & Y should be higher than this! Come on, people! Vote this amazing album higher!

all coldplay's albums is a masterpiece, except for the first album (Parachutes) x & y is not about performances or rockin out, its about beautiful tunes beautiful lyrics and being in coldplay's world, but a rush of blood to the head and viva la vida is definitely about rockin out, ps :coldplay definitely rullles!

This album is amazing. All the songs come together so nicely to form this message that the band is trying to make. Songs like Talk, a message, till kingdom come, fix you, are beautiful with both their lyrics and the music. This album should be ranked way higher! People should give it a listen because it truly is something great with every song.

Something special about this one.

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113 Blood On the Tracks - Bob Dylan

Its Bob Dylan Blood On The Tracks for Pete's sake! 94? - backflip

Early one morning the sun was shining, I was laying in bed
Wondering if she'd changed at all, if her hair was still red...

Give it a listen. this is the favorite album of many dylan fans(inculding me) - RecklessGreed

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114 Brand New Eyes - Paramore

I love this album so much. I realize it's not a legendary album or a very famous/mainstream one either so it will probably never get to the top but it is definitely one the best albums I've ever heard. All the songs were unique but the album was organized very well, it's really relatable, it was really emotional too but it wasn't whiney at the slightest and lyrically wow it's just perfect. I just want to inject this album into my bloodstream

This. Is by FAR the most underrated album ever. Paramore's never really been mainstream or successful, but there's honestly so much unrecognized glory in this album. I can't vote for it, since I honestly consider Rumours more deserving of the spot, but I highly encourage people to do so.

This may not be the best album in the world... But it's worth listening to

115 Endtroducing... - DJ Shadow

I listened to The Mountain Will Fall just yesterday, and the semi-enjoyable calamity that that album was only made this one better. It's an electronic classic. It's soothing, calm, focused, tight, subdued, and authentic. There's only a few minor gripes I have with this album: the song Untitled (not exactly horrible, but there's only four bars and they are of someone complimenting the butts and eyes of six different sisters), the fact that this record ends up toppling itself after a while, -- and even then is still enjoyable -- and the fact that this is an album of samples, but even then it's all very cleverly used.

I'm thinking a decent 9/10, and my highest of recommendations. - WonkeyDude98

116 Holy Diver - Dio

Holy Diver shoul be in first 50. Holy Diver, Rainbow in The Dark, Don't Talk To Strangers are great songs!

Definitely his best album. Might fare better on a hard rock / metal album list. - frankmartin

117 Season In the Abyss - Slayer

Thrash classic, how is Master Of Puppets and Ride The Lightning So High and this so low? - Lucretia

118 Rise - Skillet V 1 Comment
119 Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel

Every single song on this album could have been released as a single and I would buy it, this album is my all time favourite and it pains me to see it not even brake into the top 100 let alone not into the topten where it belongs, Simon and Garfunkel just might be the greatest duet ever, in my opinion greatest artist over all, the fact that I myself am 17 (posted in 2015) and idlize them so many years after they were creating music is a testament to there brilliance, if you haven't listened to this album I can't suggest it enough, every single song is excellent, bridge over troubled water, only living boy in New York, the boxer, baby driver, el condor pasa, cecelia... I could just list every song but that's just how fantastic this album is, even there live cover of bye bye love is fantastic, seriously just check it out and you'll understand why I love it so much

Cecilia, The Boxer, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Baby Driver are all songs you've at least once heard in your lifetime, and they're all in the same album. That's when you know an album is good. By far the greatest folk album ever, if not one of the greatest albums of all time.

There really isn't a weak track. From the tranquility of "So Long, Frank Lloyd Right" to the raucousness of "Cecilia", it's flawless. - PetSounds

What the?

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120 Dookie - Green Day

I just like the idea of animals throwing loads of poop at human beings. that just proves that animals don't like to be abused by humans so it's pay back time!

Has sold well over 23 million copies and has some of their best songs like "Longview" and "When I Come Around". Deserves to be in the top 15

The album that revitalized punk and created pop punk.

What?! Top 50 at least not 401...
This and American Idiot should swap places

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