Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles


It is plain to see why this is the most revolutionary album ever. There are sounds and musical structures that had never been heard before. Lyrics were mysterious and at times, intricate in their innuendos. Anyone listening to this album at the time would easily have be blown away by the incredible complexity of emotions and exquisite melodies. It has nostalgic sounds, innovative rock licks, psychedelic revelry, spiritual musings, Indian music, circus dreamy sonority and so much more. There's a world within Sgt Pepper's and only those that have no notion of the musical evolution can think this was just another album. Pet sounds is great, for sure, but this is the album that defied musical canons forever.

How in the name of Sam Houston can Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band not be number one? Without this groundbreaking piece of art, none of these other albums would be in existence. Truly the pinnacle of music.

I was 12 years old in 1967, and saw tumultuous change all around -- but amid all the turmoil, this one album stood out as a work of art which shattered people's prior thinking, and gave an entire generation - perhaps the entire Western world -- new perspectives on music, art, politics, philosophy, style, creativity, freedom, relationships, and life in general. It is almost impossible to overstate its effect on the U.S. from the moment it was released, through the decades that have followed.

This album cemented the transition of rock & roll into rock music. This album made the rock album the medium of purchase and it basically started classic rock radio. The album had non blues modality, Indian ensembles, aleoratic freakouts, progressive tonality, the album has no customary pauses between songs. This album made rock respactable and was the blueprint to future albums like Dark Side of the Moon.

I only voted for this as it is the album that deserves top spot! In my opinion though I rank Bob Dylan's albums very high yet they are at 300? Other albums which should be TOP 10 - London calling, pet sounds, what's going on, revolver, highway 61 revisited, blonde on blonde, etc. Thriller - maybe. But wtf is Madonna doing in the top 10, some people just don't have any clue at all

The best concept album ever. Outside of opera or musicals, where acting and visual presentation are involved, this album involved just five creative people producing a sound that cemented The Beatles as the best group of all time. And, gave the world music that will be remembered for all time. The impact was immediate and still going on to this day.

Number 1 surely! This is to underrated this is an album with award winning masterpieces such as a day in the life. I don't really like Pink Floyd and their music but dark side of the moon is pretty good, but Sgt pepper is just so much better. Also pet sound should be number 2 and sgt pepper number 1. Other than that this is a good top 10 list. Thank you.

i am sorry, but me seeing this album not as number one makes me mad.
this album single handedly changed the face of music in the best way possible. read the packet that comes with the album and understand what i mean.
i hate this site because of its stupidity

Every time I need cooling down, I listen to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The calming music adds brand new ideas never seen by the anyone ever. The Bass lines are beautifully made and stand out, the electronic pianos seem like they are built into the vocals. The best piece of art ever made. - PapaMing

From the title to the infamous "inner groove", Sgt. Pepper never to entertain. Featuring constant innovation while maintaining that classic rock sound central to the Beat's identity. Even 49 years later, this remains one of the best albums ever made, challenged only by "Pet Sounds".

Honestly shouldn't be top ten this album is extremely overrated. Not even one of the bests Beatles albums. The songs don't even tell a specific story, and it feels like each song is a song from different albums. I honestly think Revolver, Abbey Road, hell maybe even the white album is better than this!

Very artistic, commendable to all listeners of music, with Paul's remarkable "When I'm Sixty Four", Ringo's never to forget "With A Little Help of My Friends", George's Indian inspired "Within You, Without You", and the majestic "A Day in a Life" of John's. No regrets about this album.

This album not only changed the way music was performed, listened to and interpreted but actually changed the culture of the world. No other album has ever had that effect. The album as a trailblazer and opened the doors for all others to follow.

I'm tired of Michael Jackson getting the sympathy vote. This list id supposed to be albums where you can go from the first track till the last track without skipping songs. There is about 4 or 5 good songs on Thriller, but not the whole album, - westofohio

John Lennon: King of psychedelic rock
Paul McCartney: King of rock ballads
George Harrison: King of raga rock
Ringo Starr: First (and the best) rock drummer ever
Sgt. Pepper: Greatest Album Ever!
Just listen to this album and then you will know why...

If Sgt. Pepper isn't number 1 on this list, this list isn't credible. PERIOD. This changed music as we know it. It pioneered so many genres of rock that basically ALL of these bands and artists were influenced by it. ALL of them. - chayanneberumen

Thriller is a damn good album, but quality surprisingly isn't everything. Sgt. Pepper was fresh and original, including songs that sound like nothing rock has ever seen before or since.

Sgt pepper was the first rock album to have more than rock. It has swing, Indian, and experimental music, and was the first to have printed lyrics on the back. It is by far the greatest album ever, no doubt about it.

the Beatles, out did them selves again when they recorded this, if strawberry fields and penny lane were on this it would have been #1 in ever category it was just... AWESOME!
- maxwarawa

Sgt. Pepper's Loney Hearts Club Band is such a great album. Just like every Beatles album! The Beatles started everything. They really did. I love The Beatles! Peace and Love.

The best and the most innovative album ever, though Revolver is its toughest opponent. Seriously, only 4% votes and at no.3. Should be at 2 or 1 and Revolver should be its companion.

It's the beatles; not much more to say. It's composed of different styles of music and paved the way for many albums to come, both Beatles and almost every other band to follow.

Most innovative and influential album of the rock music era. There was nothing like it before and will never be anything as unique and treasured by anyone with ears.

.sgt peppers lonely hearts club band is the best album of all. Time from the greatest music artist of all time nobody is ever going to be better than the beatles ever

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band was just a masterpiece. It had so many different sounds and styles and think it is the best album of all time and forever will be