Thriller - Michael Jackson


THRILLER IS THE GREATEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME. SGT PEPPERS & ABBEY ROAD COME AFTER. Yet, you literally have artists who have tried to make THRILLER for the last 30 years and failed. This was a perfect album that is essentially a compilation of 10 of the greatest singles of all time recorded by a man who caught lightning in a bottle in the weeks he recorded this. - SAMOKiiNG

Without doubt, the greatest contributor to music, fashion and dance of all time. Unlike many other artists, his songs have a true meaning, E.G. 'They don't care about us', 'Black and White', 'The Earth song', and many others. I have been checking many 'greatest artists' lasts, and have been very disappointed to see that on many lists, MJ was not even mentioned. His Thriller album still remains the greatest album of all time- I believe that should and will never change.
Michael Jackson was and is a great man, a genius and a true LEGEND. This is real music. The King of music- always.

It's the worst list I've ever seen... We're talking about thriller.. Seriously... The best selling album of all time... 33x platinum album. The only album with 3 platinum stars... The best album from the best musical artist Michael Jackson... It must be on the number 1. The best pop song ever Billie Jean and one of the best rock songs ever beat it.. Along with the best music video thriller... This album made history... And the bar on the Music Industry.. It is insane

To me, this was the glaring omission on Rolling Stone magazine's top 100 albums of all time. I'm not sure it's the fourth best of all time, but I will say this: It's a lot closer to 4 than 101. I definitely let these sites have it when they're wrong. So I will happily say that Top Tens got it right this time.

I never met one person that has never heard of Thriller before. It is that good of a song. We play this song at ever one of my school dances. There is also Billy Jean witch everyone knows and Michael was kinda cute before plastic surgery.

Michael is the greatest entertainer of all time, bar none. Unbelievable talent. Just wish he could have lived to do the This is it tour and showed this young whipper-snappers why he was and always will be the best.

Na this is by far the best album of all time due to the fact of it being the best selling album of all time and it carries 5 songs that all almost won won Michael Jackson (Billie Jean, Beat it, Thriller, Human Nature, Wanna Be Starting Something and The Girl Is Mine) a grammy

It is a good album, the problem with it is that it some of the songs have been played too many times that when I hear them I just turn the station. You may not feel that way about this album but I'm sure you have felt that way about another album. - frankmartin

Thriller-Michael Jackson, is indeed the greatest album of all time if you checked billboard records and sets then everyone would know what I mean. The songs on that album were just plain out awesome. Best Michael Jackson Era ever. - Undertaker15-0

Thriller is not overrated, Michael Jackson is the King of Pop because he is the best at what he does and that is creating music. He's a whole genre within himself, he deserves to be at the top.

Michaels dream to have the best selling album came true. This is number one and the most famous of his albums... Its a love for the Thriller... I loved it then and I love it now.. xo MJ xo - love4mjj

Over-rated? Hah? Name one song which has a better bass as Billie Jean, name one song which has a better guiatr solo ( By Eddie Van Halen) as Beat It, name one song which makes you groove more than Wanna be startin' something. Thriller is a textbook to aspiring musicians. Justin Timberlake. Usher. R Kelly. Just name it. Greatest album ever.

I think Michael Jackson is and always will be number 1. In my opinion the will never be anyone that will ever come close to him. He had an amazing voice and was an excellent entertainer. Just for the record I believe he was innocent.

Thriller is phenomanal and will always be the best selling album forever and ever and ever, I put my life on it that no one will ever top Michael Jackson Thriller ever! GENIUS - princessbev28

This title for Michael goes without any consulting, especially for thriller.. no one can argue that Thriller is the best selling title of all time.. only because it is! - xMJxLoverx

The most amazing thing about Thriller is that there were only nine songs on the album but they were all completely incredible. No to mention that the album was on the billboard charts the last three years in over ten different countries. Who else can say that?

Concerts of his impersonators are selling millions in tickets. AMAZING. The king of pop title is deserved.

Not really any more substantial than great dance-pop, or as it was labeled at the time, just Disco music. Big sales figures or not, this does not deserve to be ranked among the truly serious and memorable works of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Hendrix, etc.

you can ask anyone in the entire world if he or she heard about michael jackson and the first word would be "yes" and the second would be "triller". love you, michael! - cristinaanton

It's the number 1 best selling album of all time... A true masterpice with songs like... Thriller, beat it, billie jean, human nature, wanna be startin somethin

The greatest... Ever. Nothing else meeds to be said; or I could go on for ages. The greatest album, artist, entertainer there ever was, is, or will be.

Michael Jackson was and will forever be the best singer or should I say King of Pop, Rock, and Soul. Thriller will, in my opinion, forever be the best album in history.

Michael Jackson is music, there's no doubt about it! He wrote almost all of his songs and composed the music and sung it and preformed it! He is simply the best.

Almost everybody love it and everybody know it! Every song from Thriller is unique, recognizable in few seconds and full of love!
Thank you Michael! - MichaelWasAngel

Great songs like Billie Jean, Beat It, Thriller, Wanna be Startin' Somethin' and Human Nature

Can't Blame "Dark Side of the moon" or the other 4 top. But, definitely this album changed my music history. I love al others but this influenced me more...