Best Alessia Cara Songs


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1 Here

She sings exactly what I think at every overrated party I've been to in this smoothly casual voice

Not bad for a 20 year old artist. I hope she writes more songs in the future.

This song is me

This song just puts u back on those days where jazz was the buzz genre. A party song with the most variant blend of singing n alessia's occasional 'rap' vibe. Alltogether a pure treat. - Ark-M

2 Scars to Your Beautiful

Should be number 1 - ProPanda

Best one

MY favorite!


3 Wild Things

This is my life in a nutshell

Magic Song! - HeinzMorgan

4 How Far I'll Go

I love this song - HeinzMorgan

I really like that songs

5 Stay

With the epic Zedd this song is one of the catchiest songs of 2017 so far!

I'm sorry but every time I hear this song I get so angry you don't understand - Untildawn8

great song

love this

6 I'm Yours

This song is amazing. The beats, the singing, the music video about her running away from a boy.

7 For You
8 Overdose

Just so amazing

Beautiful song

9 Four Pink Walls

This is by far the best song on this list... Here is 2, Scars to Your Beautiful 3, Wild Things 4, and How Far I'll Go 5 - sabrinacorbrinajoshaya

10 Step Down

The Contenders

11 Seventeen
12 Please
13 Stone
14 River of Tears
15 Wild
16 Growing Pains
17 My Song
18 1-800-273-8255
19 Outlaws
20 Stars
21 A Little More
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