Best Alexandra Burke Songs

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1 Bad Boys

This is her best song in my opinion. The chorus is catchy. I love all her song.

2 The Silence

It shows her vocal power. She is a great singer. Emotional yet heart touching

3 All Night Long

I love the main line. She sang it beautifully. Unique and catchy song

4 Heartbreak On Hold

Best song from her new album. I totally love the lyrics. She is my favourite

5 Let It Go
6 Love You That Much

Love this song very much. I can totally relate it to my crush.

7 Elephant Elephant Elephants are large mammals of the family Elephantidae and the order Proboscidea. Two species are traditionally recognized, the African elephant and the Asian elephant, although some evidence suggests that African bush elephants and African forest elephants are separate species.

I like to listen this song again and again. It has an attitute I love

8 Start Without You
9 Hallelujah

Best song of her career. It touched my soul. It deserve in top ten

10 Fire

The Contenders

11 This Love Will Survive

I love her new album heartbreak on hold. All the songs are my favourite.

12 Broken Heels
13 Sitting On Top of the World
14 Between the Sheets
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