Ali Bumaye

Ali Alulu Abdul-r, better known by his stage name Ali Bumaye or simply Ali, is a German rapper from Berlin . Little of his personal life is known as of 2016 . Ali got famous for being a personal friend of fellow rappers Bushido and Shindy before his own rap career, being a recurring character in backstsge videos, interviews and similar content . Later on, Ali was featured on Shindy’s second album as a rapper as well as making further appearances in videos and skits . In 2015, he released his full length debut album “Fette Unterhaltung” which was met with mixed reviews . Most of the songs from this record were novelty tracks involving around Ali’s obesity . As the album surprisingly entered the German charts, he became wider known in the German rap scene and made a departure from his previous style . His second album, “Rumble in the Jungle”, was released in 2016, features conscious rap and received better reviews .

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