Top 10 Aliases on Ninety9lives

Ninety9Lives is an electronic music that was created to provide music for YouTubers, streamers, gamers, & music fans. The artists on this list include current artists, former artists, one-time releasing artists, etc., on the label. If you haven't heard of 99L & you are an EDM fan, I highly recommend you give their music a listen.

Once again, I have returned from a long hiatus from TheTopTens. This time I definitely plan to stay here more often.

The Top Ten

1 Jim Yosef

He's by far one of my newest-discovered favourite artists - Luxam

2 Axtasia V 1 Comment
3 Made Monster

This duo's music, especially their dubstep, is some of the most awesome music I've heard. - Luxam

4 Trip40 V 1 Comment
5 Tobu

I fell I love with his music when I heard Such Fun for the first time. - Luxam

6 Tiasu
7 Starlyte

Her style of music is amazing. She's an excellent digital artists too. - Luxam

8 Anikdote

He makes Trap, House, & many other types of EDM. He has great beats. Definitely someone to check out. - Luxam

9 Laputa
10 Klave

He's well known for his song Kappa. - Luxam

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