Best Alice In Chains Songs Since 2000

Most people think that the best alice in chains songs are the ones from the 90s. They were amazing indeed. But the new songs with DuVall as the singer really ARE great too, but don't get much recognition! In fact, on the best alice in chains songs list, a new song, "Check My Brain", is only 16! I am in this list acknoledging the best songs made AFTER Layne Staley died. They CAN NOT be older songs that they still perform. I'm ranking by a combo of their fan-favorites, how well they charted, and the overall awesomeness of each song. When voting, please don't put your favorite, but actually the one that you think has the most of the attributes I previously mentioned. Or just put your favorite, whatever. "Its Your Decision" (lol Alice In Chains Quote/Reference). Thank You Very Much!

The Top Ten

1 Stone

It really is downright amazing. I would say it is tied for first with Check My Brain! - HYDRAflash

2 Check My Brain

Awesome riff and charted #1. I think it is tied with Stone. - HYDRAflash

3 Your Decision
4 A Looking In View
5 Hollow
6 Lesson Learned
7 The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
8 Voices
9 Lab Monkey
10 Black Gives Way to Blue
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