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61 Alone (feat. Pearl Jam)

beautiful song, but it's not an Alice in chains' one! It's from Downface! - Teo2390

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62 Smells Like Teen Spirit

This is a nirvana song. Why is it here?

This isn't by Alice In Chains. It's by Nirvana.

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63 Died Died

Not only a very meaningful song but also one of their must powerful songs.

This is a great song that should at least be on the list

Looking through this list this band is underrated

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64 Put You Down Put You Down

This song has such a pleasantly toned chorus. It really should be rated higher.

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65 Love Song Love Song

So majestic... A masterpiece

66 Whale & Wasp Whale & Wasp

One of the dark horses on Jar of Flies. Can't believe it was forgotten on this list.

67 Scalpel Scalpel
68 Lab Monkey Lab Monkey
69 Breath On a Window Breath On a Window
70 Queen of the Rodeo Queen of the Rodeo

Great song never recorded but it's on Live and Music Bank definitely worth a listen or 10 laugh out loud

Featuring hilarious lyrics probably written while the band were drunk or stoned out of their minds, this song shows how great AIC is: Even when they're messing around, they can produce a masterpiece like this.

71 Lying Season Lying Season V 1 Comment
72 Swing On This Swing On This

This song probably has the best bass line besides Rotten Apple. I find it hard to believe that it's not on this list.

73 The Killer is Me The Killer is Me
74 Pretty Done Pretty Done
75 Hung On a Hook Hung On a Hook
76 Acid Bubble Acid Bubble
77 Iron Gland Iron Gland
78 Lesson Learned Lesson Learned
79 Am I Inside Am I Inside

This song is very different comparing to other aic songs. The melody and the lyrics make a breathtaking, dark combination. The vibe of this song is.. Damn, I can't describe it. People, who are going through very dark times understand it best. Am I Inside has always been my favourite aic song.

One of the most depressing songs ever in terms of the tone of the instruments and lyrics... but is also refreshingly beautiful at the same time.

Is probably the most underrated AIC song. Beautiful and haunting at once. The melodic timing is breathtaking and just moves you.

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80 Chemical Addiction

There was a song Alice In Chains did called Chemical Addiction and although not found on any album was certainly a worthy tune worth mentioning from them.

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