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21 Goodbye V 1 Comment
22 Tears Always Win

I just recently heard this song and I fell in love with this song at that instant moment

Amazing, beautiful lyrics, and a sad sad feeling... One of the best

This song is so beautiful and touching! I love the old timey jazz feel.

V 3 Comments
23 Wreckless Love

Could you give me one off your c. D. E. Free, so I have your music, right back soon. R. S. V. P.?
I really like your songs, ^^ music? Please right back soon?

24 Diary

Love the rhythm and her voice is beautiful and powerful. Love it!

V 1 Comment
25 It's On Again

Great song about overcoming odds, and triumph over the overwhelming enemy.

26 New York V 2 Comments
27 Tell You Something

I absolutely love this song, it is so heartfelt and emotional, should be in the top 10 - germshep24

28 A Place of My Own V 1 Comment
29 We Are Here

The best work by Alicia, for me thou! So cool.

30 My Boo

One of the best collaboration ever just the heart an emotion I the song says it all. If you ever loved someone or somebody play this song to let them know how you feel.

I love it

31 Lesson Learned
32 In Common

Such a beautiful song, might not be the best compared to Fallin' and Girl on Fire. But it's Latin-inspired and shows different parts of Alicia than the rest.

33 Doesn't Mean Anything

Excellent combination of Piano and beats along with Alicia's impeccable vocal ability makes the song deserve at least a spot in top 10...

Awesome, don't understand why it's not at least number 5

So emotionally connected - never fails to move me


34 Teenage Love Affair

26? Oh come on. It should be top 5.

LOVE IT! Make me thingking about my ex

35 Powerful Ft. Jussie Smollett

It's not her best but, it's one of her good songs. Jussie and her voice is amazing and so powerful in this song. I really can't believe a person's voice can sound so pretty in a way like her voice does in this song. Bravo to empire cast and Alicia. Hope it goes high in this list.

36 Another Way to Die

Also, Looking for Paradise. From the ones showed here, Another Way to Die is my favorite. But then again I am not an Alicia Keys fan, so...

37 Trouble
38 This Bed
39 Go Ahead

Best song ever

40 Put It In a Love Song

This song must be number 1

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