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1 Xenomorph Queen Xenomorph Queen
2 Xenomorph Drone
3 Runner
4 Ravager
5 Killer Croc Alien
6 Joker Xenomorph
7 Gorilla Alien
8 Predalien
9 Newborn Xenomorph


To what extent do you think that Fletcher is providing us with clear guidance for the application of Situation Ethics? How debatable are his principles?

I do not think that the guidance is very clear at all. In fact it is vague and ambiguous. The guidance itself is founded in ‘lovingness’ which is particularly ambiguous in the sense that it can be taken to mean different things by different people, even in the ‘agape’ use of the term. What does it mean to be loving? Does this involve making people happy, giving them what they want, giving them what they need? This question is left for the most part unanswered and as a result the theory of virtue ethics has very loose foundations. In fact, even if the definition of love could be agreed upon Fletcher still faces the problem posed by David Hume’s is ought distinction. Just because loving seems natural or feels right does not mean that it is moral or is the best way to make moral and ethical decisions.

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10 Carrier Xenomorph
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