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41 Sunshine

Why is this song so far down?! The lyrics are so amazing and it has such a catchy tune! EVERYONE, GO LISTEN TO THIS SONG!

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42 Happy Endings

Why isn't this song even on the list?

43 Walk Over Me

Firstly all there songs are great but in my opinion kids in there street is there best album, I like the different tone to this album and walk over me is the best song in an incredible album, if you like it you should also check out heartbeat slowing down flatline version, adds a better pace and do me right the demo bonus track

This song is easily the best in the album, it should be in the top 20.

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44 The Cigarette Song

This song is so underrated! Every single word is perfect, great ballad!

Great song. Completely underrated.

45 Too Far Gone

Really puts you in the feels. Love it!

That lyrics ;(

46 I'm Waiting
47 Eyelash Wishes
48 Bleed Into Your Mind
49 I for You! V 1 Comment
50 Why Worry
51 The Anthem V 1 Comment
52 Gonzo

I have been obsessed with this song ever since I've heard it for the first time. It builds slower than most songs by the All American Rejects, yet it has a driving pulse the entire time.
By the time it escalates to maximum intensity, I feel like I'm in the middle of an amazing adventure that's only possible through music like this. The guitar solo in the middle contains one of the most unique sounding guitar riffs I've heard from the band, and I love how the song alternates between two different choruses, the latter of which is more intense and epic.
Overall, it's perhaps the most underrated song the All American Rejects have ever produced, and deserves to be listened to, very loudly.

The most sensitive, yet huge song ever written by AAR. Builds brilliantly and has the best guitar tone I have ever heard in a solo.

53 Fast & Slow
54 Affection

How is this the bottom song it literally is the most beautiful song in the ' world it should be No. 1 no doubt. In fact the entire Kids of the street album should be NO. 1

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