Best All Dogs Go to Heaven Characters

I really really like movies and cartoons on All Dogs Go To Heaven.

The Top Ten

1 Charlie B. Barkin

My dear Charlie. we love you

He's rad to the bone.he saved emeree before he saved his own life.he's a great singer and a survivor just like in the books survivors.he reminds me of lucky.sure he's a little mean somtimes but he just being himself.charlie is awesome.

2 Itchy Itchiford

It makes us laugh a lot, my sister's favorite

3 King Gator

This and their bull

4 Anne-Marie

Unfortunate not to go out in the sequel

5 Carface Caruthers

I like this evil that bad that people do not know about the lot.

6 Killer

Truly does not seem even a Killer, is not because that name would but that makes it funny

7 Sasha Le Fleur

The one you like, you like I do not like

8 Annabelle
9 Red

Participation was good, they had to put it at 1

10 Belladonna

She appears in the animated series, supplanting Red and so I wonder where is Red?

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