All the Reasons to Hate Misty from Pokemon


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1 Abusive to Ash and Brock

She only said to brock not to love nurse joy but she has feelings 4 ash (with ashim dose not have 4 her )

Yeah, she was pretty rude during the first season. The two were rather idiots, but it doesn't really justify much.
But she did change throughout the series, and her personality became much better. Pretty good development I must say. - yungstirjoey666

Meanest pokegirl ever! But Iris was just as bad.

Should b #1... and the one of the few things that is truthful & makes sense to dislike about her. - person5000

2 Loves Ash but is mean to him

Guys come on she is just a tsundere

She only loves Ash "romantically" in the dub. So technically it's not canon. 4Kids really like pokeshipping for some unknown reason. - Rue

Helga loves Arnold in Hey Arnold but bullies him.

I think the whole crush thing was added by biasedkidz(4kidz) & wasn't really a thing. Macy, anabell, Angie, & Serena are the only girls that have actual crushes on ash. - person5000

3 Complaining about her bike

I understand the bike part though. Ash did have an emergency, but he still should have repaid her somewhat. - yungstirjoey666

Her bike, her bike, her bike! Uggghhh! I am sick and tried of her complaining about her bike all this whole time, in the series! Can't she let it go and let bygones be bygones? Oh wait, she can't cause she still talks about it! Her bike is fixed already! Geez! No wonder she's so abusive to Ash, anyway. Well, one of the reasons, that is. - NaruHinaBlaze1

I don't really like Misty but I don't blame her being peeved about Ash and Pikachu destroying her bike. And Person5000 explained why it's justifiable so I won't repeat it. - Rue

No one cares! - flash101

4 Complains about bug types

You all hate misty when misty started the pokemon franchise and she saved ash during the stun spore detour Google it! It super funnyfunny

She had a bug type phobia. Just think of something your just afraid of (spiders, clowns, mice/rats, etc...) & don't ever say anything negative about them. Not easy, huh? - person5000

5 Abusive to her Psyduck

Psyduck is retarded like Jeffy

Psyduck is easily my 2nd favourite Pokemon, beaten only by it's evolved form of Golduck. The fact Misty abuses this loyal and lovable companion is a real shame, it would probably have evolved long ago if Misty gave it some love and attention and wasn't abusive.

The thing is, she never really wanted psyduck. And it always pops out of its ball when unwanted, & is practically useless. It makes sense that she wouldn't b the nicest to it. And correct me if I'm wrong, but the worst she does is yell at it & call it useless & says she hates it. Misty is very kind to it compared to ash & Brock. - person5000

6 Does nothing but yell, get upset, & force things to go her way throughout her run
7 Forces people to do things her way

Yep it’s true

8 "I only like water Pokemon"

I don't think she ever said that. And in any case, it isn't true as she wanted an oddish & had a togepi. And she disliked gyarados, & was always kind & caring towards ash's pikachu - person5000

I don't recall her saying this. I only remember her wanting to be a water master which is why she mainly focuses on water types. - Rue

9 Overrated

Overrated is more of a subjective term. Some people think that she deserves the praise, others may disagree. - yungstirjoey666

Being overrated is not a logical reason to hate something. It literally has nothing to do with Misty's character and being overrated is literally how popular she is with the fanbase. Though unlike others, I'll be a bit more lenient about this being a reason on your list because you didn't make it #1. - Rue

She is, but just because a character is overrated doesn't mean u should dislike them for being overrated =/ - person5000

10 Throws a fit if someone doesn't do what she wanted

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11 Forced Ash & Brock to work, while she tried to do nothing but get the reward for the work
12 Stole egg from Ash

That did annoy me. But the past is past, and she was a really good caregiver to Togepi. - yungstirjoey666

I'd say, more like 'she shoved ash & Brock on the ground without ever apologizing about it, just to see what it'll hatch into when she just could've gone to a side or asked them to make room for her to see' would b more appropriate. Can't help that togepi saw her first & saw her as her mom - person5000

This annoyed me so much as a kid

13 Doesn't think Brock's feelings matter for love

For clarification, watch 'the heartbreak of brock' he tells him that he'd never find a girl who he likes that will like him back, so he has to settle for a girl that likes him when he doesn't feel the same (in your face Misty, Lucy liked him! ). - person5000

14 Whines when she leaves Ash cause she got her bike back
15 Was extremely unhelpful with Ash's goal

Like they had to waste a day for msity because it was 'b a slave to girls day' at one place they were passing by, and were also forced to give up their Pokemon to Misty so she can win dolls that have no use for her. She also fought with ash over stupid stuff like pokeballs & Pokemon. And people want to complain about Iris 'being unsupportive', Misty once cheered AGAINST ASH for a guy they just met because of an instant crush she got on him. And let's not forget, she told him to his face, that he did not deserve most his Pokemon nor badges. What an awful 'friend.' And yes, she did once offer her Pokemon to him. Which he declined & she threw a fit over it. He has the right to want to use only his Pokemon, u know... - person5000

16 She can be annoying

She may be annoying but Serena is the most annoying poke girl

Misty is sooo annoying and Rude to be honest she always complains about her bike Give me a new bike right now. But she is not annoying as Serena she is a brat yeah that's right a big one.

17 Complained about Ash having baby Larvitar
18 She did not follow her dream

She was upset when she had to leave and all she did was complain about her bike SHE NEEDS HELP

She never does anyways

19 Swiping Pokemon battles from Ash

Of times misty has to cover for ash's battles for Pokemon including water type, the unfairest part is that she steals it! It'll suck on how they fight for it so hard. Ever think her parents should ground her for that?

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