Top Ten Greatest All Rounder of One Day International Cricket

This list is made for top ten ODI all rounders of all times. I have made this list by giving equal weight to different variable of batting and bowling performance. Total 22 players were selected for this study.
Variable for batting are total runs in ODI, batting average, strike rate, highest score in ODI, no of fifties in ODI, no of centuries in ODI,.
The bowling variables are total wickets in ODI, bowling average, Economy rate per over, best performance in ODI, Five wickets in Odi.
Every category had 22 ranks. Every player got his rank according to his performance. Top rank. Player got 22 points and last player got one point. top players in bowling and batting categories got 22 point. In this total bowling and batting were 44. These factors were taken to give equal benefits to past and present players. In past economy rate is low and now strike rate is better. Average can compensate total runs benefits and highest score can neutralize fifties and hundred. Best bowling can neutralize total wickets performance.
This is reason why a player of NetherLand succeeded to become the member of top ten list by playing only 33 matches.
For reading all times top ten all rounder for test cricket visit ICCCWC2015

The Top Ten

1 Shahid Afridi (Pakistan)

He is the most entertaining cricketer of the world

Boom Boom Shahid afridi is on third position of top ten all rounders of ODI for all times. Surprisingly Afridi got 20 point from bowling and 13 point from batting. Afridi got 33 points out of 44 points.

Afridi es great player en the World

Great all rounders boom boom afridi

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2 Shakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh)

I think Shakib's situation is a bit like Messy's: to secure an ulitmate place as one of the greats in history, he needs a world cup championship. Otherwise however long he sports his position as rank one, he will not be able to attain that position in the minds of sports fans beyond Bangladesh.

Number one all rounder in all three categories. That's something can't be denied.

Lol this list is so wrong if to compare Kallis maybe a bit better then him. In only 156 match he got over 4000+ runs and 200 wickets and became only the 7 player to ever do so. And he has been holding the no1 spot in allrounder ranking for years now. He should be already included in the top 10 allrounder of all time but if you say he need more time whatever. But even if you like it or not in current era no other allrounder can come close to him :D

Sakib Al Hasan is far better than Shahid Afridi, Afridi is very inconsistent in batting perspective, where as Sakib is much more consistent in as well as batting. afridi's batting average (23) tells that.

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3 Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka)

Jaysuria is on top with 38 points out of total 44 point. Inbatting jaysuriya got 22points from batting and 16 points from bowling.

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4 Jacques Kallis (South Africa)

The greatest all rounder whom I ever seen

Jacques Kallis is on second spot of all times great all rounder of top ten list.
Kallis got 21 points from batting and 14 point from bowling section. Kallis got 35 points out of 44.

5 Shane Watson (Australia)

Shane Watson is on sixth place in all times top ten ODI all rounder. Shane watson got 27 point out of 44. Watson got 19 points from batting and 8 points from bowling section.

Definitely one of My favorite, his play is mind bowling - Ananya

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6 Yuvraj Singh (India)

Hit 6 sixes in a over looks like he's some special

7 Ryan ten Doeschate (Netherlands)

This Guy is so underrated because he is from Netherlands. Many people don't know this amazing all rounder. - paasadani

Nether Land Players Ryan Ten Doeschate is on fourth position of all times great top ten ODI all rounder of all times. Doeschate got 29 point out of 44. Does got second rank and 21 points from bowling section and 8 points and 15 ranked in batting section.

8 Abdul Razzaq (Pakistan)

Abdul Razzaq is ranked 10th in all times top ten ODI list. Razzaq got 24 points out of 44. Abdul Razzaq has ranked 11 in two categories, he got 12 points from each section of bowling and batting.

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9 Shaun Pollock (South Africa)

Shaun Pollock is fifth position in all time top ten ODI rounders. He has got 28 point out of 44 points.
He got 17 point from bowling and 11 points from batting.

10 Wasim Akarm (Pakistan)

Legendary bowler Wasim Akram is ranked 7th in all time top ten ODI all rounder. Wasim is on top in bowling section and got 22 point in bowling department. In batting wasim has only 5 points out of 22.

The Contenders

11 Kapil Dev (India)

Indian former Captain Kapil Dev is on position 8 in all times top ten ODI all rounder. Kapil got 25 points. Kapil and Imran got 25 points each but I Ranked Kapil before imran because kapil has won icccwc1983. Kapil has 16 point in battinga and nine point in bowling.

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12 Ravindra Jadeja (India) V 1 Comment
13 Imran Khan (Pakistan)

Imran Khan is ranked 9 in all times top ten r ODI all rounder. Imran got 25 points out of 44. Imran Khan ranked fourth in bowling and got 19 points. In batting he got 6 points out of 22.

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14 Yuvraj Singh (Indian)
15 Lance Klusener (South African)

Destructivd batsman and fast medium bowler. Deadly combination

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16 Mohammad Hafeez (Pakistan)
17 Sachin Tendulkar (India) Sachin Tendulkar (India) Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is a former Indian cricketer and captain, widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time.

He is the God of cricket of all versions.

18 Mohinder Amarnath (Indian)
19 Richard Hedley (New Zealand) V 1 Comment
20 Sourav Ganguly (India) Sourav Ganguly (India) Sourav Chandidas Ganguly, affectionately known as Dada, is a former Indian cricketer and captain of the Indian national team.
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