Top 10 Favorite Actresses in a TV Soap Opera

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1 Rachel Melvin - Days of Our Lives

This is the best person I have ever seen in my whole life.

2 Susan Lucci - All My Children

She is the one that set the bar for all others

Susan lucci is a good actor

3 Susan Flannery - The Bold and the Beautiful

When it comes to acting, she's the epitome of perfection. She gives heart and soul and I appreciate that. Also, I love Stephanie!

4 Erika Slezak - One Life to Live
5 Maura West - As the World Turns & General Hospital
6 Heather Tom - The Young & the Restless, etc
7 Kirsten Storms - Days of Our Lives

Kristien can really pis off Brady AND Brody

8 Eileen Davidson - Days of Our Lives, etc
9 Sarah Brown - General Hospital, etc
10 Alexis Thorpe - Days of Our Lives
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11 Kristian Alfonso - Days of Our Lives

Personally I think that Allison Sweeny is the best on that show, it she does pretty good too.

She is the total package

12 Victoria Rowell - The Young & the Restless
13 Renée Jones - Days of Our Lives
14 Deidre Hall - Days of Our Lives
15 Frances Reid - Days of Our Lives
16 Meg Ryan - As the World Turns Margaret Mary Emily Anne "Meg" Hyra, known professionally as Meg Ryan, is an American actress and producer.
17 Lindsay Korman - Passions

Lindsay Hartley was so amazing beautiful and talented on passions, days of our lives and now on as the world turns... I love her to death she is truly one of my favorite actresses and soap stars of all time

18 Judi Evans Luciano

Judi has proven herself to be an excellent actress from her Emmy Winning performance of rape victim Beth on Guiding Light to low-self esteem queen Adrienne on Days Of Our Live to her Soap Opera Award for her tour-de-force performance of Paulina on Another World to white trash mom on Days. She can break your heart one minute and having you laughing so hard the next. A truly underrated actress when given good material can hit a home run every time.

Simply of the best actresses on daytime. Loved her so much as Paulina Cory McKinnon Carlino on Another World. Her fake marriage to Jake and the weight story line with Joe were my favorites! Love this woman.

19 Marsha Clark - Guiding Light

I have been watching old reruns of GL, and have found her potrayal of Hillary Bauer fasinating, and entertaining, she has great comic timing.

20 Genie Francis - General Hospital

Most beautiful and definitely the most talented actress

21 Beth Ehlers - Guiding Light

How was this not already here?

22 Vanessa Marcil - General Hospital

Brenda was the reason I started watching General Hospital. I was flipping channels and saw Vanessa Marcil and Antonio Sabato Jr. And was like - WHOA - who are these gorgeous people? I stuck around and fell in love with the characters. Brenda really came into her own when she met Sonny. Vanessa brought Brenda to life in a way that General Hospital would never recast her character even when Vanessa left. The fans never would have accepted it. Unlike many characters on daytime, Brenda cannot be recast b/c quite simply there is no one but Vanessa Marcil who has the beauty and acting chops to do the character justice.

Vanessa played the ultimate soap opera heroine in Brenda Barrett - unparalleled in beauty and spunk. Vanessa creates chemistry with everyone she works with. Also her Brenda is one half of the last of the supercouples with Sonny played by the amazing Maurice Bernard.

23 Molly Stanton - Passions

Always studdering makes so much sense after a while

24 Lacey Turner - Eastenders
25 Melody Thomas - Young and Restless
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