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1 Weightless

amazing song that is so easy to love :) you can relate to the lyrics and everything.

Such an empowering song, makes you feel ready for whatever life throws at you. It carries such a strong message, that whatever happens, things will get better, you'll make it through and be a better person for it.

Weightless is definitely the best!
Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't) should be second though, and Lost in Stereo third
Six feet under the stars should be in the top ten somewhere as well!

The only hype song you could cry with

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2 Dear Maria, Count Me In

Hearing this song made me listen to more of their songs, and of course, MADE ME THEIR FAN. All Time Low for the win!

WHAT? It's not #1? OR NUMBER 2!? Come on this song is so catchy with an original concept and amazing instruments and signature vocals! It never gets old and it always reminds me of punk paradise.

This is the song that got so many people to become fans of this band... And it's about a STRIPER! All time low will never fail to impress. This is the song ATL ALWAYS has on their set list... No matter if a new album just came out! Should ALWAYS be #1

This song is what got me into All Time Low

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3 Remembering Sunday

This song has so much emotion and meaning, whenever I listen to this song I can't help but to tear up, this song is sad about a depressing love story, it is all time low's best song and I say this is one of the best punk love songs of all time.

Automatic love letter lead singer makes this song 100% my fave song along with Alex's amazing vocals and Jack, Rian and Zachs awesome instruments!

This song makes me cry every time I listen to it. It's such a sad song to listen to in a rainy day or lonely night.

My favorite songs:
1. Remembering Sunday
2. Painting Flowers
3. A Love Like War
4. Too Much
5. Six Feet Under the Stars
6. The Edge of Tonight
7. Cinderblock Garden
8. A Daydream Away
9. Missing You
10. Therapy

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4 Therapy

Probably the most underrated song when you ask the majority. Even so, this is their best song in my opinion. Great lyrics, great meaning, great melody, hell, even the vocals is greater than the usual.

This song should be at the 1st place because this song saved the life of many people and the Straight To DVD's version is amazing, it always makes me cry.. Thank you All Time Low

How weightless is top is beyond me! This song means so much more. the music is better, the lyrics are better and his voice is so pure

Best songs ranked:
10: Something’s gotta give
9: Good times
8: Weightless
7: Backseat serenade
6: Satellite
5: Remembering Sunday
4: Coffee shop soundtrack
3: Dear Maria, count me in
2: Dirty Laundry
1: Therapy

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5 Time-Bomb

Time Bomb is the greatest All Time Low song I have ever heard! Why does Weightless come before this awesome tune? I simply can't believe it! LONG LIVE TIME BOMB. LONG LIVE ALL TIME LOW.

Best song of all time low... Better than weightless and I feel like dancing... I can listen it all the time.. Awesome lyrics awesome music.. And awesome video.. It should be on the top..

FAVORITE SONG EVER! No lie I love this song. Can't stop listening to this amazing song! It is the best song I have heard in a long time. I do not think All time low is a "sell out" thought. ALT Forever

Listening to it right now and it is just so amazing

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6 Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)

WOW this song is amazing!
The guitar is good, the drums are good, and the lyrics are AMAZING!
This should be first, then weightless, then dear maria count me in, then break your little heart - Tobzz

This is a great song and the lyrics are sexy. Definitely ATL's best song yet, my most played ATL song on my ipod, should be top of the list!

Comon this HAS to be top. It's their best song by far. Weightless 2nd.

I love this song my favorite

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7 A Love Like War



This song is the one that I love. Vic's voice take me to the heaven and Jack, Oh god he is so hot when he singing and anytime I've heard this song I was like "Oh God! My mind is Lost in this music! "

This should be number 1 like dude

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8 Somewhere in Neverland

This is easily the best All Time Low song. Ridiculous that it's not even in the top 10. I expected it to be #1, but at least in the top 3. Great use of vocals and somewhat powerful guitar.

"Somewhere in Neverland" is one of the best songs off their new album "Don't Panic".

Laugh out loud I came here and I expected to see this song in number 1..

Loved it

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9 Break Your Little Heart

Gives you the power to say what you want to say, do what you want to do, and never let anyone or anything hold you back.

Are you kidding me? This should totally be 1st or at least 2nd!
This song rocks! It's the one that made me love all time low the first time!

This is such a awesome song, the guitar on this is pretty sweet this song should be in the top 5, although the lyrics could have been better I think that this song is all time low's most underrated song and deserved to be in top 10 of the top 100 charts, this song got me to like all time low, it's an awesome song right on! ATL

Most bands have love songs. All Time Low has hate songs and I think that's a beautiful thing - Ilikefishsticks

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10 Lost in Stereo

This is their catchiest and most rocking song in my opinion. The chorus is excellent with the thundering guitars in the background. Better than Weightless.

I love this song! It should defo be up there in the top 5.

Three Words.A. may. Zing. You haven't lived if you haven't heard this song! Xx

Best All Time Low song for sure.

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? Afterglow
? Take Cover

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11 For Baltimore

Come on guys! This song is amazing, Alex's voice sounds great and it's very catchy. The guitar and drums is good too. VOTE AND GET THIS IN THE TOP 10!

This is my favourite atl song! It's so underrated I feel something to do with the music and lyrics sound like your fighting for something that's always out if reach even if it isn't the songs message

This song can speak to so many people on so many volumes and I think it's so sad it goes under-appreciated- especially when the story line to the song is a lot better than a lot of the songs in the top 10


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12 Jasey Rae

Honestly, this song and Coffee Shop Soundtrack should be at the top because their lyrics are so captivating. I love Jasey and Coffee Shop. Sure, it's their old stuff but if you ever want to really get into a band - always shoot for their old stuff, then their newer stuff.

More songs in the put up or shut up albums need to be in the top ten, coffee shop soundtrack should definitely be at lest in the top 10. - bandobsessed

Jasey has lyrics that are easy to get lost in, and both the original and acoustic versions of this song just make you want Alex to sing you to sleep. It's easy to find comfort in how mellow and beautiful this song can be, and it has a special charm that no other song can compare to.

"I've never told a lie; and that makes me a liar.
I've never made a bet; but we gamble with desire.
I've never lit a match with intent to start a fire... but recently the flames are gettin outta control... call me a name... kill me with words - forget about me! It's what I deserve! "
this song is the sweetest song. It has so much meaning an for I have to sing along whenever it comes on. seriously if you don't listen to any other of them their songs, you gotta hear this one 😍😍

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13 Outlines

Ridiculously good lyrics, amazingly... Amazing vocals, pretty much an all around gem. If you haven't listened to this already, do it. Now. The gods of good music command you.

This may be my favorite song by them. This has the thing that makes all ATL songs amazing and also Patrick stump worked with them to make this

Had me from "I'll be the new kid on an old block. The chalk outline on a playground blacktop"

I love this song, but totally didn't expect for it to be so high up

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14 Walls

This is one of the best songs I've ever heard. It's so sweet and easy to relate to. It always puts me in a good mood when I feel sad. I LOVE IT.

This songs intro is so distinct and powerful, this carries on throughout the song making it one of the best

15 The Reckless and the Brave

This song is incredible, and it's my favorite by them. Probably because Don't Panic: It's Longer Now! it's my favorite album ever but also because it's just so catchy and perfectly describes my life and everyone who felt once in their lives as an "outcast" can relate to the lyrics. It just makes me want to punch everyone in the face, spit on everyone's face and just runaway to live my wildest dream with my friends! - Noctalli

I love the fun beat of this song it should be in the top ten

The first line of this song always gets me so pumped and encourages me to interact and socialize with the world and do things

This and so long soldier is my Favourite songs

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16 Something's Gotta Give Something's Gotta Give

The instruments in this are so loud and good. It really sticks with you, it caused me to play it on repeat.

My first song that I've heard from them.. I love the video. Alex's voice is perfect. The chorus is so good.

Not only is it an amazing song, the music video is also great. - ewwitskaylee

If you're reading this. You HAVE t listen to this song. It's so amazing

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17 A Daydream Away

I can't believe this song is #17. It's nothing like the rest of their songs, it's has amazing meaning. I fell in love with this song since the first time I heard it. I still don't get it why this song can't be at least in top 10. This is totally worth listening song and yeah I'm crazy after it.

How could this not be added on the list in the first place? This song is one of the rare songs of ATL that is just so slow and relaxed, compared to their punk songs. This deserves as many thumbs ups as it could get.

This song is perfect perfect I just fall in love every time I listen to this it just gets you right in the heart and just rips you from the seems this song is amazing

I'm in love with you 'A Daydream Away'

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18 I Feel Like Dancin'

This song is one of their catchiest songs yet! It is impossible to listen to this song and not sing along and dance, one word... Amazing.

I love this song probably one of the best all time low songs yet can wait for more like this one to come out.

Turns out Alex Gaskarth doesn't like this song. He thinks it was a flop and he could've made it better before they played the demo - Ilikefishsticks


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19 Backseat Serenade

This song is absolutely fantastic! This song is why all time low are one of the best bands out there!

This song is totally amazing! Cassadee Pope of Hey Monday is in this song too

I played this song on repeat for weeks when I bought this album. Arguably the most memorable song from that album (not including the reissue)

My favorite ATL song ever!

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20 Coffee Shop Soundtrack

Amazing song with incredible lyrics. Every song tells a story with 'All Time Low' and this is definitely one of the best so far.

Also my favorite song with All Time Low. This song tells an (understandable) story, which I can't stop relating to. This song is their best in my opinion, and probably one of the best songs I've ever heard

This song can relate to anyone having a hard time fitting in,.. Like me,.. It makes the listener feel confident and simply makes you indepemdent,.. I mean that's how the song relates to me


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21 Oh, Calamity!

This was a really good song for the reissue. One I listen to more than songs that made the album the first time

This is an amazing song that's very underrated. I'm really surprised it doesn't get more love.

This song is just amazing, it's my favourite all time low song ever

I have no idea why this song is so underrated.

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22 Paint You Wings

I feel like this doesn't get enough credit, it's probably my favourite all time low song!

This song is pretty awesome! It should be at least in the Top 3 or maybe even 5!

This song is amazing. It should be in top 10

MY favorite OF ALL

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23 Six Feet Under the Stars

This song is so amazing! It's so pretty, sweet, and cute. Alex is an amazing singer, and he's great at writing lyrics, and it helps to have the best band in the world. This is by far their best song, probably followed by My Only One for me.

One of my favorite ATL songs I'm listening to it right now! Its absolutely beautiful and the acoustic version is even better! I will always love this song it's so special and perfect! Alex sounds so great in this one

Dude this is No. 1 this list is definitely screwed up I like weightless but it's definitely not No. 2 worthy it should be this or dear maria!

Beautiful song that manages to be happy and sad at the same time, both the original and acoustic versions are amazing

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24 The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver

THIS SONG SHOULD SO BE IN THE TOP 20 AT LEAST! Come on, the lyrics are catchy and anyone could EASILY relate to it; we've all had that someone (be it an ex, back stabber friend or enemy) who only desires to see us at our worst. I swear this song is simply awesome and severely underrated. Listen to it, you won't be disappointed.

Love the title dudes its good than ever

Really? This song needs more credit!

Can't believe that somthings gotta give ranked higher than this! this song is amazing?! 1!

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25 Stella

My old Jeep was named Stella and I used to play this song when I drove home haha "Stella, won't you take me home? "

A song so good you just might cry.

I sure didn't...what are you talking about?

I love this song and I become my mom's car radio because I sing this song as loud and good as I can.


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26 Poppin' Champagne

This song is so amazing, and everyone agrees, so I'm so confused on why it is number 27. Like what? I thought it would definitely in the top 5. Easily on of their best... even my French teacher loves it. - Winchester13

Hey this song is so catchy and cool.. I bet if you listen it, it'll be your favorite song.. I loved this song ever since I first heard it.. So what is it on top 10.. It doesn't mean if a song is not famous it sucks!
pulpy orangutan is delicious like a summer breeze pineapple

Why the hell is this number 22? easily one of their best songs, ugh come on people

This song is incredible, icant believe its number 34! The tune is awesome and lyrics are catchy, the video is funny and the song is awesome. Vote for it!

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27 So Long Soldier

Great. It's so good. You feel the lyrics as they paint a picture and tell a story through the melody. Love it

By far their best song. The fact that it's so low... Come on! Real all time low fans love this. This song is pure all time low sound! Top 5 as a minimum

This song is their story put to lyrics! This needs to be number one, you silly bags!

Wow should be top

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28 Sick Little Games

Best meaning, and melody this should be at least in the top 5 I love all of All Time Low songs but this one stands out! Keep on shining all time low!

I love it is so catchy

Lyrics is so meaningful this should be in top 10!

This should be in the top tens!

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29 Painting Flowers

"When I wake up, the dream isn't done, I want to see your face and know that I am home. If nothing is true what more can I do? I am still painting flowers for you"

After I heard this song I just can't stop listening to it. its like a drug.. Its sweet and you'll fall in love with Alex's voice.

this her's favorite songs, so great for sleeps friend,. it should be in top ten All Time Low best songs.. like this

I think this song is so emotional, it's so deep. It just gives me this nostalgic feeling and I can't stop listening to it.

This song is so good, why is it so unpopular? I’m a huge fan of ATL and I just found this song a couple days ago...

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30 Under a Paper Moon

This is simply my favorite song from all time low.

Why is this way down here? This song absolutely rocks! Definitely should be in the top 10 at least! =P

This song is simply fantastic. If it comes on shuffle, I listen to it several times

This and "Time Bomb" were my jams in high school. I put this on so many mixed CDs lol... Oh, memories.

31 Vegas

Catchy tune, powerful lyrics. It at least deserves a spot in the top ten; definitely under-rated

It's a pity that this song isn't ranked higher. I could listen to this song on repeat and not get bored. It has so much of meaning!

I do not understand how Vegas is not in the top 10. It's easily one of their top five songs. Wow. - Winchester13

Probably my all-time favourite song

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32 Circles

This song should be number 1. For some reason it is underrated.

In my opinion the most powerful All Time Low song. Vote!

"Play circles" there's a reason to it because it's amazing

Round in circles

33 Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass

If this isn't your favourite Christmas song I probably don't like you.

Amazing! Totally would sing this to my ex

So amazing! Should be number 1! Love it

Clever, funny, well-written lyrics & great use of Christmasy-sounding bells, this song got me listening to All Time Low in the first place.

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34 Tidal Waves

Song about talking crap, how could you not like it? Everyone knows how that feels, and I think Mark has amazing vocals on this track

Jack Barakat said in an interview this is the best song that Alex has ever written, and I completely agree. Not to mention Mark Hoppus's voice complements the song beautifully

Why is this 49? Fave song ever


35 Just the Way I'm Not

Seriously? This is not on the list. This is perfect; fits my everyday mood. You should try listening to this, guys, to figure out on how much you're missing out!

Legit one of the best songs ever!

36 Alejandro
37 Guts

This song has a huge amount of meaning, and can pretty much sum up everyones' lives at some point. Whenever I think of 2011, I think of this song. Inspirational.
"Is this what it feels like finding out that I've got the guts to say anything? Feels like breaking out when I can give up my reputation".

This song is great, I don't understand why it's so underrated, don't get me wrong, but is one of the most meaningful and powerful songs (the lyrics are amazing too) I've ever heard.

This song is amazing, definitely describes my life, especially about things with my dad and stuff, so yes I am definitely going to vote for guts

This song inspires me a lot. The lyrics are wonderful and is dedicated to all the people who have a goal and fight to get what they want, ignoring the obstacles.

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38 Kids In the Dark

It's an Amazing song that should definitely be at least in the top 20's. "What a shame, what a shame, beautiful scars on critical veins. Come together, state of the art. We will never surrender, the kids in the dark." It's really catchy and the lyrics.

This is actually a great song! It hasn't been out long and I think that's why it's not higher on this list but when it does it will rocket up. Probably not #1 but definitely top 10 material!

How is this not in the top 10 at least? It's such an amazing song with a catchy tune, and meaningful and relatable lyrics. "Here we are at the top of the hill, a hill that's quietly crumbing." "They left us alone, the kids in the dark, to burn out forever or light up a spark." Honestly it's just plain awesome.

The message is awesome and the lyrics are amazing.

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39 No Idea

About a girl that doesn't know about his existence, yet he can't stop dreaming about her. Such an amazing verse and sick instrumental!

This song is about him wanting a girl. The girl doesn't know he exists. He doesn't know whether to put a make a move on her or to just stay put. He knows that if he goes for her, he might stutter or embarrass himself since she makes him nervous. This song is excellent.

An amazing song, and highly relatable

This All Time Low's best pop song.

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40 Shameless

I understand that this is not their most popular song, but I absolutely love it! The tune is amazing and the whole song is so emotive. It was one of the first atl songs I heard and it is easily in my top 5!

Sing along lyrics, great chorus, and ends off in a great note. Though it has vulgar language, which might steer some All Time Low fanatics away, you've got to admit the lyrical content is on point.

Awesome song, lyrics are awesome, great melody, this song really got me into the band, absolutely love the whole album to be honest, gotta be my favourite!

Definitely one of their best - YOUnique253

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41 So Long, and Thanks for All the Booze

One of the best songs of All Time Low. A true punkish sound just like the early albums, this should be in the top ten.

Not only is this song (and the album name) a reference to Hitchickers guide to the galaxy (great book+movie) but it's an amazing, all rounded punkish song.

42 If These Sheets Were States

Don't get why this is so low! It's a really catchy song!

How is this song not in the top ten seriously?

I legitimately cry when I listen to this song. It's amazing!

This song is easily in MY top ten!

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43 Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last for a Night)

"Dedication takes a lifetime, dreams only last for a night. "

One of the coolest lines they have ever come up with. In addition, the part towards the end where they build up to "Cause you ain't the only ones who wanna live it up, you ain't the only ones... " is unreal.

This has such beautiful lyrics...

"You're safe from the weight of the world... I'll be find even though I'm not always right. "

It's just really cool.

I like the bridge... Believe you me.

"Before you ask which way to go, remember where you've been"
Written as a conversation between Peter Pan and Wendy, with a beautiful bridge and just an absolutely brilliant chorus and entire song, Stay Awake takes the case for me.
It has an acoustic version as well that definitely rose above my expectations.
There's nothing I don't love about this song.

The lyrics are so emotional it makes me cry every time I hear it.

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44 That Girl

The beat is catchy and the meaning of the song is awesome!? How can this be not in the top ten!? It even reinvented the usage of the word bitch!

The first song I heard from all time low was weightless, it was kind of good, nothing special really, but this song made me give them another try, and from all of there songs so far this is the best

I'm totally addicted to this song it's so awesome

This song is catchy and really good.

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45 Heroes

This, along with Time Bomb is the best song on the album. I cannot believe nobody voted for it. Its too good to be ignored. Well I guess I'm the only REAL fan of All Time Low...

Really incredible song. It took me like a month until I stopped singing this constantly. Super catchy, great melody and really relatable!

Not only is this song catchy but it's so easy to relate to. It is truly amazing and All Time Low's best work hands down.

Love this songgg!

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46 Dancing With a Wolf

This song is amazing it is my favorite all time low song so for me it sucks that it's this low, it should really get mor credit

Seriously the most catchy song they've released.

Love this song! It must be higher up soon

Love this song

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47 Dirty Laundry

Excellent and fresh.
The lyrics are so meaningful and the song progesses so well.

I just feel the lyrics. It’s about a real person. “Nobody’s perfect, I confess”. The world is a messy place, everyone’s trying their hardest to be perfect, but you don’t need to - and you actually can’t! - be perfect. This songs always make me feel peaceful. It’s kinda my own therapy.

48 Satellite

This song is absolutely beautiful. Should be higher

"Wishing on a star that's just a satellite."
That's so beautiful

49 A Party Song (The Walk of Shame)

It should be at least in the top ten. This song is so refreshing! :))

It's such a great song! Love it!

This song is so catchy! How is not even in the top 20?!

The Live Version is amazing.. Needs more votes, I guess people havn't heard this

50 Canals

I wonder why it is in number 51. Gosh, I'm totally captivated by this! The lyrics,. perfect!

I'm guessing this is so low because no one knows what the meaning is? It doesn't make sense musically for it to be so low. It's gorgeous <3 And I love the lyrics even if I don't fully understand his intent in writing them

One of the best songs I’ve ever heard

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