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21 Poppin' Champagne

This song is so amazing, and everyone agrees, so I'm so confused on why it is number 27. Like what? I thought it would definitely in the top 5. Easily on of their best... even my French teacher loves it. - Winchester13

Hey this song is so catchy and cool.. I bet if you listen it, it'll be your favorite song.. I loved this song ever since I first heard it.. So what is it on top 10.. It doesn't mean if a song is not famous it sucks!
pulpy orangutan is delicious like a summer breeze pineapple

Why the hell is this number 22? easily one of their best songs, ugh come on people

This song is incredible, icant believe its number 34! The tune is awesome and lyrics are catchy, the video is funny and the song is awesome. Vote for it!

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22 Stella

My old Jeep was named Stella and I used to play this song when I drove home haha "Stella, won't you take me home? "

A song so good you just might cry.

I sure didn't...what are you talking about?

I love this song and I become my mom's car radio because I sing this song as loud and good as I can.


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23 Paint You Wings

I feel like this doesn't get enough credit, it's probably my favourite all time low song!

This song is pretty awesome! It should be at least in the Top 3 or maybe even 5!

This song is amazing. It should be in top 10

MY favorite OF ALL

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24 If These Sheets Were States

Don't get why this is so low! It's a really catchy song!

How is this song not in the top ten seriously?

I legitimately cry when I listen to this song. It's amazing!

This song is really awesome, okay? lyrically, it's great, and the beat is good too. I love it

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25 Walls

This is one of the best songs I've ever heard. It's so sweet and easy to relate to. It always puts me in a good mood when I feel sad. I LOVE IT.

This songs intro is so distinct and powerful, this carries on throughout the song making it one of the best

26 Oh, Calamity!

This was a really good song for the reissue. One I listen to more than songs that made the album the first time

This is an amazing song that's very underrated. I'm really surprised it doesn't get more love.

This song is just amazing, it's my favourite all time low song ever

I have no idea why this song is so underrated.

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27 Sick Little Games

Best meaning, and melody this should be at least in the top 5 I love all of All Time Low songs but this one stands out! Keep on shining all time low!

I love it is so catchy

Lyrics is so meaningful this should be in top 10!

This should be in the top tens!

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28 Vegas

Catchy tune, powerful lyrics. It at least deserves a spot in the top ten; definitely under-rated

It's a pity that this song isn't ranked higher. I could listen to this song on repeat and not get bored. It has so much of meaning!

I do not understand how Vegas is not in the top 10. It's easily one of their top five songs. Wow. - Winchester13

Probably my all-time favourite song

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29 Something's Gotta Give

The instruments in this are so loud and good. It really sticks with you, it caused me to play it on repeat.

My first song that I've heard from them.. I love the video. Alex's voice is perfect. The chorus is so good.

Not only is it an amazing song, the music video is also great. - ewwitskaylee

The best from Future Hearts album 2015!

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30 Running from Lions

I don't understand how this isn't at the top. It's so powerful and raw, it strikes really deep. PErfect song, as the whole Put Up or Shut Up EP is perfect.

If I had to pick a list of songs to represent the rock genre this would be in the top ten, weightless is my favorite but its already #1

I was going to be pissed if no one else put this.

I am going to see all time low tommorrow and I will cry if they don't sing this

31 Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last for a Night)

"Dedication takes a lifetime, dreams only last for a night. "

One of the coolest lines they have ever come up with. In addition, the part towards the end where they build up to "Cause you ain't the only ones who wanna live it up, you ain't the only ones... " is unreal.

This has such beautiful lyrics...

"You're safe from the weight of the world... I'll be find even though I'm not always right. "

It's just really cool.

I like the bridge... Believe you me.

"Before you ask which way to go, remember where you've been"
Written as a conversation between Peter Pan and Wendy, with a beautiful bridge and just an absolutely brilliant chorus and entire song, Stay Awake takes the case for me.
It has an acoustic version as well that definitely rose above my expectations.
There's nothing I don't love about this song.

The lyrics are so emotional it makes me cry every time I hear it.

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32 The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver

THIS SONG SHOULD SO BE IN THE TOP 20 AT LEAST! Come on, the lyrics are catchy and anyone could EASILY relate to it; we've all had that someone (be it an ex, back stabber friend or enemy) who only desires to see us at our worst. I swear this song is simply awesome and severely underrated. Listen to it, you won't be disappointed.

Love the title dudes its good than ever

Really? This song needs more credit!

Can't believe that somthings gotta give ranked higher than this! this song is amazing?! 1!

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33 Heroes

This, along with Time Bomb is the best song on the album. I cannot believe nobody voted for it. Its too good to be ignored. Well I guess I'm the only REAL fan of All Time Low...

Really incredible song. It took me like a month until I stopped singing this constantly. Super catchy, great melody and really relatable!

Not only is this song catchy but it's so easy to relate to. It is truly amazing and All Time Low's best work hands down.

Love this songgg!

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34 The Girl's a Straight-Up Hustler

My absolute favorite ATL song. I've listened to it hundreds of times and I still can't get enough. The music and Alex's voice are both so simple, yet beautiful and powerful. - SoWrongItsElle

Their old stuff is SO. good. I like their new CDs, but I don't think most of them qualify for "best top 10 All Time Low songs. " Their new stuff isn't original at all. It sounds exactly like all the other crap on the radio nowadays. Their old music had personality in it, which I loved.

Their old stuff is great. Beautifully written song. Guitars and bass were perfect his voice was at its best here

Love this

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35 Under a Paper Moon

This is simply my favorite song from all time low.

Why is this way down here? This song absolutely rocks! Definitely should be in the top 10 at least! =P

This song is simply fantastic. If it comes on shuffle, I listen to it several times

This and "Time Bomb" were my jams in high school. I put this on so many mixed CDs lol... Oh, memories.

36 Painting Flowers

"When I wake up, the dream isn't done, I want to see your face and know that I am home. If nothing is true what more can I do? I am still painting flowers for you"

After I heard this song I just can't stop listening to it. its like a drug.. Its sweet and you'll fall in love with Alex's voice.

this her's favorite songs, so great for sleeps friend,. it should be in top ten All Time Low best songs.. like this

I think this song is so emotional, it's so deep. It just gives me this nostalgic feeling and I can't stop listening to it.

Great song, in my opinion should be in the top 10 - atlbmthyma6

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37 Shameless

I understand that this is not their most popular song, but I absolutely love it! The tune is amazing and the whole song is so emotive. It was one of the first atl songs I heard and it is easily in my top 5!

Sing along lyrics, great chorus, and ends off in a great note. Though it has vulgar language, which might steer some All Time Low fanatics away, you've got to admit the lyrical content is on point.

Awesome song, lyrics are awesome, great melody, this song really got me into the band, absolutely love the whole album to be honest, gotta be my favourite!

Definitely one of their best - YOUnique253

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38 Guts

This song has a huge amount of meaning, and can pretty much sum up everyones' lives at some point. Whenever I think of 2011, I think of this song. Inspirational.
"Is this what it feels like finding out that I've got the guts to say anything? Feels like breaking out when I can give up my reputation".

This song is great, I don't understand why it's so underrated, don't get me wrong, but is one of the most meaningful and powerful songs (the lyrics are amazing too) I've ever heard.

This song is amazing, definitely describes my life, especially about things with my dad and stuff, so yes I am definitely going to vote for guts

This song inspires me a lot. The lyrics are wonderful and is dedicated to all the people who have a goal and fight to get what they want, ignoring the obstacles.

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39 To Live and Let Go

Best song I have ever heard in my life

One of their best songs ever.

Favorite song of all time

40 So Long Soldier

Great. It's so good. You feel the lyrics as they paint a picture and tell a story through the melody. Love it

By far their best song. The fact that it's so low... Come on! Real all time low fans love this. This song is pure all time low sound! Top 5 as a minimum

This song is their story put to lyrics! This needs to be number one, you silly bags!

Wow should be top

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