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81 Thanks to You
82 Don't You Go

This is one of the last songs they played at the most recent concert I went to a few days again so I dunno why but this song kinda hits me hard, Post Concert Depression I guess.

83 Bail Me Out

I can't relate to this song, but I understand where it's coming from.
Do you trust any of your friends?...I don't.
I like how this song is about the trust of your friends, which is rare for me.

The most underrated song they've ever made

84 We Say Summer
85 The Beach

How is this so impossibly low? Catchy, fun, and beautiful relatable lyrics!

The most amazing summer song ever!

I realize this song isn't popular but alexs voice sounds so amazing

86 Toxic Valentine

Damn catchy song. Its one of the best they made. Should be in top 10.

This song is hella amazing it should be at least in the top 10!

Soundtrack from Jennifer's Body.. I loved it when I heard it

87 Come One, Come All

I think it's really funny because Atl don't like this song and it's on the last position :'D

I cannot believe this is in last. Its very catchy (and somewhat funny) definitely deserves higher

88 Me Without You (All I Ever Wanted)

Man this song has a really Catchy Chorus. And I love that Always Influence From Blink!

What the heck is this song doubt all the way down here!?!?

Song is good

89 Let It Roll

It's very meaningful and is really catchy. When I listen to it in the morning before going to school I sing it all day long!

This is a nice song! !
Just like Weightless or Guts! This is a song about a meaningful life. told us to survive this life and no one vote for this?!

90 Return the Favor

You either love it or hate it and think it's not like most ATL songs. I think that fact makes it all the more amazing

Believe me. Listen to it once. It's amazing. Starts slow and just gets better

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91 Living the Dream
92 Art of the State
93 Hit the Lights
94 Missing You

Definitely the best song off their new album, Missing You is a refreshing combination of Therapy-like All Time Low and their new modern sound.

This song honestly has been helping me so much since I first heard it. It reminds me that I'm not alone.

Its off there new album, and is absolutely amazing! The message behind it is great. - ewwitskaylee

Um what why is that at 94 - Ilikefishsticks

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95 How the Story Ends
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