All Time Party Universities


The Top Ten

1 University of Florida

three national championships in the past two years= alot of reasons to party. - slbrown

Greatest party college ever

2 Far Eastern University

yeah.. I'm planning to study there,, nice school..

3 West Virginia University
4 Florida State University
5 Penn State
6 The University of Texas
7 Ohio University

OU baby!!!! #4 in reality - jaxballer9

8 University of Georgia

WHOO! I go there! non stop party! XD

10 University of Arkansas

The Contenders

11 University of Kansas
12 University of New Hampshire
13 Indiana University
14 Arizona State University
15 LSU

Once held NO 1 party school ranking

16 Adamson University

This University has a good standard of teaching with up-to-date curriculum. A Center of Excellence in terms of education.

17 Silliman University
18 University of Michigan

Hey we party even though are rugby team is like worst with like only 1 win but we still party the Big Blue and Maize - ballaboi17

NUMBER ONE forever WHOO! - biscuits

19 University of Alabama
20 University of Lugano
21 Harvard
22 Auburn University
23 University of Pittsburgh
24 East Carolina Universtiy
25 Georgia Tech
26 Asian College of Technology
27 Tulane University
28 University of Arizona
29 Drury University

A wet campus with four national fraternities and four national sororities. Each clubs and sports teams throws wild parties. Neighboring colleges and universities come over to party. Drury does not need a reason to party. Just ask alumni Bob Barker.

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