All Time Party Universities


The Top Ten

1 University of Florida

three national championships in the past two years= alot of reasons to party. - slbrown

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2 Far Eastern University

yeah.. I'm planning to study there,, nice school..

3 West Virginia University
4 Florida State University
5 Penn State
6 The University of Texas
7 Ohio University

OU baby!!!! #4 in reality - jaxballer9

8 University of Georgia

WHOO! I go there! non stop party! XD

10 University of Arkansas

The Newcomers

? Tulane University

The Contenders

11 University of Kansas
12 University of New Hampshire
13 Arizona State University
14 Indiana University
15 LSU

Once held NO 1 party school ranking

16 Adamson University

This University has a good standard of teaching with up-to-date curriculum. A Center of Excellence in terms of education.

17 Silliman University
18 University of Michigan

Hey we party even though are rugby team is like worst with like only 1 win but we still party the Big Blue and Maize - ballaboi17

NUMBER ONE forever WHOO! - biscuits

19 University of Alabama
20 University of Lugano
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