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1 10 signs that someone is lying
2 10 illegal baby names

This really surprised me. "Tom" is illegal in Portugal? Why? - PositronWildhawk

3 10 illegal foods
4 10 crazy ice cream flavors
5 Top Ten Things That Could End the World

It does need updating. Especially #9. - PositronWildhawk

6 10 Curious Facts About Mario

Since Alltime10s has heard about Mario Kart 8, they celebrated it with a list of things about our favorite plumber from Nintendo. You should see it! If you haven't, then I'll give a spoiler. SPOILER ALERT! HURRY BEFORE I RUIN IT FOR YOU! Anyways, number 1 on the list is that there's a theory that our hero, Mario, is a mass murderer. The Super Mario Bros. manual says that the people of the Mushroom Kingdom were turned into brick blocks, so destroying a brick block is technically a murder. My opinion is this. Why don't they just put them back together & they'll come back to life? If they aren't put back together, then it's a murder. At least, not all of the brick blocks can be easily destroyed. Some of them have coins. The only way that'll make me believe that Mario is a muderer is that he kills innocent Goombas. I killed one recently, but it was only an accident. Next time, I'll be careful not to kill a Goomba. I like Mario!

You probably thought Mario was always a plumber. Wrong! Check this video out.

7 10 Everyday Things Banned In North Korea
8 10 Unanswered Scientific Questions
9 Top 10 Deadliest Animals
10 10 Powerful Nuclear Weapons

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11 10 Things That Will Kill You in Under An Hour

Number 7 on that list is laughing. They say laughing for 30 minutes will kill you! One time, I was laughing at 4 o'clock in the morning & stopped laughing at 5AM. No! I didn't laugh for an entire hour. I just took a break & went back to laughing. Thank goodness, Alltime10s made this video. I will never laugh for 30 minutes! I will only laugh for less than 30 minutes.

Thanks, Alltime10s. I will only laugh for less than 30 minutes.

12 10 Countries That Blocked YouTube

Some people just don't like watching web videos.

13 10 Awesome Facts About Godzilla

Do you remember that horrible 1998 film about Godzilla, or when he met a Disney character in a cartoon? Check this video out!

Here he comes! It's Godzilla!

14 10 Dumbest Robberies
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