Top Ten Best Alpha and Omega Characters

I was kinda surprised not to see this list, so it's for the best wolf (&bird, lol, ) characters from the movie Alpha and Omega! ^-^

The Top Ten

1 Humphrey
2 Kate

She should go die in a fire. I hate femininely one-dimensional characters with a passion.

3 Wenston

His name is Winston and is a wise wolf

4 Paddy

This movie is not very popular so had not made ​​a list so far and neither will have many votes for this

5 Garth
6 Eve
7 Lilly

He is so cute, he looks like Lady Gaga

White wolves r th best

8 Shaky
9 Marcel

This bird has a sense of humor very cool

The wolves are as overrated as the original movie (I would say the franchise, but the sequels get a lot of well-deserved hate), thanks to furries. If only the birds dominated this list. Some franchises underdose (if "overdose" is a word, then why not "underdose"? ) on birds and overdoses on furry creatures. Surf's Up is certainly not one of them. You cannot hate ElectricDragon505 for preferring the birds from Alpha & Omega over the birds or his negative review of Alpha & Omega in general. This is probably the only time AniMat described his opinion of the soundtrack of a movie even though he does not judge the songs. - The Ultimate Daredevil

10 Tony

His personality is well badass and I like it

The Contenders

11 Mooch
12 Salty
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